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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Friar, Brother William, doesn't suspect Katherine of foul play in Hugh's death. Instead, he believes that:
(a) Hugh died of internal bleeding
(b) Hugh didn't want to live anymore
(c) Hugh's bowel burst
(d) Hugh might have had a heart attack

2. What important event takes place in April 1369?
(a) France surrenders to England
(b) The king gets the bishop to stop the rain from falling
(c) Castile is declared the capital of continental Europe
(d) England declares war with France again

3. How does Katherine know the plague has contaminated Bolingbroke when she arrives?
(a) She sees a 10-foot high black cross hanging from the entry
(b) She sees a 4-foot high red cross painted at the bottom of the drawbridge
(c) She sees servants' heads on pikes, the universal plague warning
(d) Hugh comes rushing after her and tells her the news

4. Who helps Katherine deliver her baby?
(a) Hawise
(b) Blanche
(c) Nichola
(d) Philippa

5. As Katherine passes the skin market at Danesgate, she sees:
(a) A nun from the convent
(b) Philippa
(c) Costanza
(d) Alice Perrers

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Bolingbroke, the home of the Lancasters, compare with Kettlethorpe?

2. Nirac's feelings toward Katherine go from loyalty to hatred. Resigned that he'll never be greatly admired by John, what does he do?

3. In 1372, Costanza gives birth to a daughter named Catalina. What is that name's equivalent in English?

4. Katherine soon discovers the real reason she has been called upon:

5. What does Katherine tell John when she returns to Bordeaux?

Short Essay Questions

1. Despite seeing the cross at the entrance to Bolingbroke that indicates the estate has been contaminated by the Plague, Katherine goes in. Why does she take such a risk?

2. What happens between Nirac and Hugh that foreshadows trouble ahead?

3. Describe changes in Katherine now from the Katherine introduced at the start of this story:

4. In this new phase of Katherine's life, she lives in the Inner Court at Kenilworth Castle. Once again, she is quite different from the Katherine at the beginning of the story, and the Katherine who was outwardly loyal and devoted to her abusive husband Hugh. Describe how she is once again different.

5. What happens to the duke after he exits the commemorative mass for Blanche, and how does he react?

6. What does Katherine do during her pregnancy that leads the servants to believe she might be losing her mind?

7. Shortly after her wedding, Katherine and Hugh stop at Waltham Abbey, where they visit a shrine containing a large black cross. What happens to Hugh at the shrine that foreshadows dark events to come?

8. What did you think of the duke when he expresses joy over Hugh's death?

9. When the duke and Katherine meet, he decides to make a personal blazon of arms for her. What reason does he give for doing this?

10. Who takes Katherine from the pier to Hugh's lodgings when she arrives in Bordeaux? And how does Hugh receive this escort?

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