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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Katherine goes to mass and runs into John, disguised as a pilgrim. He tells her:
(a) He sees the ghost of his wife everywhere and is scared
(b) He loves her and cannot live without her
(c) He has become a cleric
(d) He's thinking of changing the law so that he can have multiple wives

2. Katherine reaches Blanche just in time to:
(a) Get a judge to annul Blanche's marriage to the duke
(b) Get a priest to administer last rites
(c) Get a blessing to have an affair with the duke
(d) Hear Blanche tell her that the duke is not who she thinks he is

3. The Duke goes into seclusion after Blanche's burial, permitting only this person to see him:
(a) The king
(b) Geoffrey Chaucer
(c) Hugh Swynford
(d) Raulin d'Ypres, his young Flemish body squire

4. What worries Hawise about the affair between John and Katherine?
(a) That she will not have enough energy to look after the many children they plan to have
(b) That if something goes wrong, she will be in trouble
(c) That Katherine might take another lover
(d) That John will tire of Katherine

5. Nirac overhears John's declaration to Katherine. He decides to take matters into his own hands by:
(a) Poisoning Costanza
(b) Poisoning Katherine
(c) Poisoning Hugh
(d) Putting Hugh on the front lines in battle

Short Answer Questions

1. Katherine goes to the Chapel to visit Blanches' body and finds the duke there. What does he tell her?

2. What is the Captal's opinion of Katherine?

3. Describe Katherine's reaction to the pyx when it passes the Chaucer home?

4. To whom is Hugh indebted?

5. What does Roger DeCheyne ask Katherine for?

Short Essay Questions

1. Just as Katherine and Blanchette have repaired their tenuous relationship, what happens that makes Blanchette go back to mistrusting and even hating Katherine?

2. Costanza tells John that she had a dream. What did she dream that sets this chapter into motion?

3. Who breaks up the fight between Roger DeCheyne and Hugh Swynford? And how does Katherine react to this?

4. While Katherine stays in a pilgrim hostel in Waltham, she learns that the king will soon be arriving there, too. What do some of the people there believe the king will be doing?

5. Katherine and John enjoy only three married years together. She lives another four years, during which Richard confiscates all Lancastrian estates and watches her son Henry return to England and fight for his rights. Did you ever think she should have just remained at Kettlethorpe and not married the duke?

6. Describe Katherine's appearance after she decides she is responsible for the friar's death and her daughter's disappearance.

7. Who helps Katherine deliver her baby daughter, and what happens right after the umbilical cord is cut?

8. Nirac becomes a pivotal character in this part of the duke and Katherine's lives. What does he do?

9. Although Alice Perrers is free again and with the king, this status is short-lived when what happens? And what does she do?

10. Name some of the devastating events of 1369 and how they affect Kettlethorpe.

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