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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Duke manages to get Katherine to go to Aquitaine under what pretense?
(a) Women are now being drafted and it's her time to go
(b) She needs to join other wives who are serving as nurses
(c) The army needs a seamstress to repair the country's war flags
(d) She needs to tend to Hugh who has been injured in battle

2. What does Katherine realize about herself after hearing Geoffrey read the love poem?
(a) She makes all men who meet her fall in love with her
(b) She has never, and may never, experience true love
(c) She liked his comic poetry more than his romantic verse
(d) He's not a very talented writer

3. Why is Hugh confident he'll return by May?
(a) He's certain that the Castilians can't fight in warmer weather
(b) He's certain that it won't take long to beat
(c) His contract prevents him from fighting any longer
(d) He went to a fortune teller who said that the Castilians won't last long

4. Why does Katherine find Philippa's letter so upsetting?
(a) Philippa refuses to visit her
(b) Philippa preaches to her about childbearing
(c) Philippa assumes that Katherine is living in great comfort and luxury
(d) Philippa says Katherine is a bad person who deserves an equally bad husband

5. How did Katherine's mother die?
(a) In childbirth
(b) She was trampled by a horse
(c) She took her own life
(d) From a mysterious disease

Short Answer Questions

1. What announcement does the Duke of Lancaster make when he arrives?

2. John exits the obligatory mass for Blanche and encounters an angry mob who claim that:

3. With whom does Katherine form a lifelong friendship when she is at the Pessoner home?

4. Despite telling the Captal that he only loves Katherine, what must John do?

5. What is the Captal's opinion of Katherine?

Short Essay Questions

1. Name some of the devastating events of 1369 and how they affect Kettlethorpe.

2. It is now 1395. What has happened to Costanza?

3. What comment does Baron de la Pole make about Katherine that displeases the duke but might be very true politically?

4. At the raucous wedding of Henry of Bolingbroke to Anne of Bohemia, Robin, playing a comic character called the Lord of Misrule shouts: "Now shall each man kiss the lady of his heart!" He kisses Katherine. How does the duke respond to this incident?

5. King Richard turned out to be quite deceptive. Do you think he got what he deserved in the end?

6. Alice Perrers experiences the House of Commons's most viral attack. Of what do they accuse her?

7. Despite seeing the cross at the entrance to Bolingbroke that indicates the estate has been contaminated by the Plague, Katherine goes in. Why does she take such a risk?

8. It is ironic that Katherine goes back to Kettlethorpe?

9. Just as Katherine and Blanchette have repaired their tenuous relationship, what happens that makes Blanchette go back to mistrusting and even hating Katherine?

10. To what country is the duke assigned, and to do what?

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