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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Katherine goes alone to the courtyard?
(a) Hugh stands next to her but never utters a word
(b) Hugh tells her he must return her to the convent
(c) Hugh reads her a love poem and seduces her
(d) Hugh attacks her and tries to rape her

2. Initially, John tells Katherine he has called for her because:
(a) He wants her to tell him what Blanche wore when she died
(b) He wants to thank her for caring for Blanche at Bolingbroke
(c) He thinks Katherine took something valuable of Blanche's and wants it back
(d) He wants her to repeat word for word what the priest said when administering the last rites

3. Why does Hugh order Katherine to stay away from Nichola?
(a) Nichola is clumsy and might trip and fall on her
(b) Nichola will smother her with affection
(c) Nichola is, in truth, a sorceress
(d) He doesn't want his unborn child to catch his stepmother's illness

4. What worries Hawise about the affair between John and Katherine?
(a) That if something goes wrong, she will be in trouble
(b) That Katherine might take another lover
(c) That John will tire of Katherine
(d) That she will not have enough energy to look after the many children they plan to have

5. What illness does Nichola, Hugh's stepmother, have?
(a) Psoriasis
(b) Water-elf sickness
(c) Cancer
(d) A bad heart

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the sword fight between Hugh and Roger end?

2. The Earl of March envies John, but thinks he has one strength and advantage that John does not:

3. Katherine reaches Blanche just in time to:

4. Despite telling the Captal that he only loves Katherine, what must John do?

5. The Duke goes into seclusion after Blanche's burial, permitting only this person to see him:

Short Essay Questions

1. When the duke and Katherine meet, he decides to make a personal blazon of arms for her. What reason does he give for doing this?

2. Alice Perrers experiences the House of Commons's most viral attack. Of what do they accuse her?

3. What did you think of the duke when he expresses joy over Hugh's death?

4. What happens to the duke after he exits the commemorative mass for Blanche, and how does he react?

5. Despite Hugh's death and pledging their undying love for each other, Katherine and the duke cannot marry. Why?

6. Katherine's sister Philippa is engaged to the writer Geoffrey Chaucer and her future seems set. While Philippa is concerned about her younger sister's welfare, she's also jealous of her. Why?

7. Who takes Katherine from the pier to Hugh's lodgings when she arrives in Bordeaux? And how does Hugh receive this escort?

8. In this new phase of Katherine's life, she lives in the Inner Court at Kenilworth Castle. Once again, she is quite different from the Katherine at the beginning of the story, and the Katherine who was outwardly loyal and devoted to her abusive husband Hugh. Describe how she is once again different.

9. When Katherine leaves the convent where she has lived for the past five years, she is excited because she has yearned to experience life outside the Sheppey Priory walls. During the journey to the queen's court, and upon her arrival, what kinds of people does she meet who make her quickly realize how protected a life she has led?

10. Describe Katherine's journey on the ship to Bordeaux.

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