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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What important event takes place in April 1369?
(a) Castile is declared the capital of continental Europe
(b) France surrenders to England
(c) The king gets the bishop to stop the rain from falling
(d) England declares war with France again

2. Who was Isolda?
(a) John of Gaunt's mother
(b) John of Gaunt's sister
(c) Alice Perrer's older sister
(d) A mysterious servant who charmed the royals

3. Initially, John tells Katherine he has called for her because:
(a) He thinks Katherine took something valuable of Blanche's and wants it back
(b) He wants her to tell him what Blanche wore when she died
(c) He wants to thank her for caring for Blanche at Bolingbroke
(d) He wants her to repeat word for word what the priest said when administering the last rites

4. In 1372, Costanza gives birth to a daughter named Catalina. What is that name's equivalent in English?
(a) Katherine
(b) Cecilia
(c) It has no English equivalent
(d) Constantine

5. To whom do the king and John pledge their allegiance when the Old King dies?
(a) The Earl of Sussex
(b) Brother William, friar
(c) The Earl of March
(d) Richard, the Prince of Wales's son

Short Answer Questions

1. Hugh takes the drink from Katherine and soon thereafter dreams of the Kettlethorpe Pooka Hound with "fiery-red eyes." What does the Pooka Hound symbolize?

2. When Hugh returns to Kettlethorpe from war, we discover he suffers from?

3. What is the Captal's opinion of Katherine?

4. Why does Katherine find Philippa's letter so upsetting?

5. Why does the duke insist on seeing Katherine before remarrying?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Katherine arrives at the dilapidated Kettlethorpe, she meets Gibbon. What is Gibbon's role at the manor, and who is he in relation to Hugh?

2. Katherine's sister Philippa is engaged to the writer Geoffrey Chaucer and her future seems set. While Philippa is concerned about her younger sister's welfare, she's also jealous of her. Why?

3. What happens to the duke after he exits the commemorative mass for Blanche, and how does he react?

4. Was it foolish of Katherine to refuse an escort back to Kettlethorpe? Why or why not?

5. Why does the duke become the "target of an angry, puzzled England"?

6. In this new phase of Katherine's life, she lives in the Inner Court at Kenilworth Castle. Once again, she is quite different from the Katherine at the beginning of the story, and the Katherine who was outwardly loyal and devoted to her abusive husband Hugh. Describe how she is once again different.

7. Alice Perrers experiences the House of Commons's most viral attack. Of what do they accuse her?

8. Describe Bolingbroke. How is it different from Kettlethorpe?

9. Katherine meets her future husband Hugh Swyndon in this chapter of the story. Why does Katherine have reservations about marrying this man?

10. What happens between Nirac and Hugh that foreshadows trouble ahead?

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