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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who orders Katherine to Kennington?
(a) The Duke
(b) The King
(c) Hawise
(d) Princess Joan, John's sister and mother of Prince Richard

2. Where does Katherine take Geoffrey to tell him about the guilt she feels and everything she now believes has gone wrong in her life?
(a) To the ruins of Savoy
(b) To see Brother William's head
(c) To Blanche's tomb
(d) The Pessoners' back yard

3. What worries Katherine when she learns that both Trastamare and King Charles of France have died?
(a) She worries that she'll have to study French
(b) She worries that John will move to France and love a French woman
(c) With the opportunity for England to take Castile, Costanza may not tolerate having Katherine around
(d) She worries that Costanza will move to France and make John come there, too

4. How does Katherine feel about being back at Kettlethorpe?
(a) She now appreciates it
(b) She sees it as a chance to decorate it her way
(c) It makes her sick but she has to push herself to endure being there
(d) She is punishing herself with memories of Hugh

5. Who tries to help Katherine and Blanchette escape from the angry mobs?
(a) The Earl of March
(b) The Duke of Lancaster
(c) Brother William
(d) Princess Joan

6. What controversial statement does John Wyclef make about the sacredness of Mass?
(a) That it should not be held on Sundays, but on Wednesdays
(b) The wine and the wafer are mere symbols, not the actual body and blood of Christ
(c) That the wine and the wafer should be replaced by brandy and cake
(d) That the wine and the wafer are really the body and blood of the Virgin Mary

7. What is the main message or theme of this chapter?
(a) Always question who your parents are.
(b) That when you're stressed out, it's good to rest and wake up hungry
(c) That love conquers all.
(d) If you're powerful, you will go crazy.

8. Who does Philippa call an "ill-tempered virgin"?
(a) Princess Joan
(b) Katherine
(c) Eleanor de Bohun
(d) Costanza

9. What does John discover upon his return to England?
(a) The street names have changed and he's very confused
(b) Katherine is in the castle tower and refuses to see anyone, including him
(c) Katherine took all of the family jewelry before leaving Savoy, now in ruins
(d) Savoy was destroyed and Katherine isn't there

10. Lady Julian helps Katherine realize and feel the real love of God. Katherine then surprises herself by returning to:
(a) Sheppey Priory
(b) The Pessoners' home
(c) Savoy
(d) Kettlethorpe

11. Although Wat the tiler dresses up for his meeting with the king and tries to befriend the king, the king's squire calls Wat, "the greatest knave and robber in all Kent" because he shows no respect for the king. What happens to Wat after the squire's statement?
(a) Nothing. Everyone, including the king, ignores the squire
(b) He gets killed by the king's men
(c) The king slaps Wat and tells him to kneel on the ground before him
(d) The king tells his squire he is greatly mistaken, then fires his squire

12. Where is the trial of John Wyclef held, and why there?
(a) Windsor Castle, since it's large enough for the throngs attending
(b) Savoy Castle, as John insisted on having it on his territory
(c) St. Paul's Cathedral, as huge crowds are attending
(d) Wembley Stadium, since it's large enough to hold the massive crowds

13. Richard has no heir, which raises his suspicions toward Katherine. Why?
(a) He prefers sons over daughters
(b) He thinks she'll knock him off and replace him with John
(c) He wonders if she will try witchcraft on him
(d) He wonders if her sons covet his throne

14. What does the duke do with his children on Maundy Thursday?
(a) Wash the feet of the poor, feed them, and give them silver
(b) Wash the clothing of the poor, give them bread and cheese
(c) Wait for the poor to enter church, shut the doors and lock them up
(d) Wash the hands of the poor, give them gloves and chocolate

15. John has one request in his letter to Katherine:
(a) To not be present when he visits
(b) To not be at Kettlethorpe but at a nearby location during his visit
(c) To stay and see him with the children
(d) To switch places with him

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Richard die?

2. How is John Ball punished for inciting revolt against the poll tax?

3. What does Richard do after the Duke of Lancaster's death?

4. As the Savoy explodes and peasants pillage its wine cellars, Cob stares at Katherine lying unconscious on the ground. He considers stealing her purse but stops. Why?

5. Robin, playing the Lord of Misrule, shouts "Now shall each man kiss the lady of his heart!" He then kisses:

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