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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who tries to help Katherine and Blanchette escape from the angry mobs?
(a) Princess Joan
(b) Brother William
(c) The Earl of March
(d) The Duke of Lancaster

2. Katherine visits her beloved Blanche's tomb. In the tomb, she hears Blanche's voice and decides:
(a) To make a pilgrimmage to Our Lady Walsingham
(b) To leave everything and everyone and disappear without a trace
(c) To make a pilgrimmage to Canterbury
(d) To go to Scotland and talk to the duke

3. Two years later the Duke of Lancaster dies after only how many years of being legitimately married to Katherine?
(a) Four
(b) Three
(c) Two
(d) One

4. King Richard rides right up the front line of rebels and tells them that he is now their leader as they wished him to be. How do the rebels react?
(a) They are quiet because they remain suspicious
(b) They remain quiet, and one of them says they need to consider his statement
(c) They cheer, because he has fulfilled their wishes
(d) They attack him

5. Richard has no heir, which raises his suspicions toward Katherine. Why?
(a) He wonders if her sons covet his throne
(b) He wonders if she will try witchcraft on him
(c) He prefers sons over daughters
(d) He thinks she'll knock him off and replace him with John

6. Who does the king's squire, Robin, think is a challenge for the duke?
(a) The peasants
(b) Katherine and Costanza
(c) Costanza
(d) The wealthy bishops

7. Where is Costanza while the duke and Katherine publicly travel around England together?
(a) In Stratford-Upon-Avon
(b) In Castile
(c) In Paris
(d) In Hertford

8. What happens when Richard asks Thomas Swynford to try on the heavy crown?
(a) Thomas puts it on and falls to the ground
(b) Thomas suddenly becomes invisible
(c) The Earl of March violently intervenes
(d) The Duke of Lancaster violently intervenes

9. What confession does Pieter make when surrounded by Appleton and others?
(a) That Bishop Courtenay is in fact John's father
(b) That Alice Perrers is John's real mother
(c) That Katherine and John are actually siblings
(d) He says that the Bishop Courtenay paid him to make placards about the falseness of John's heritage

10. What is the reaction of the servants to Katherine's return to Kettlethorpe?
(a) They don't react much, because Robert Sutton is the real boss
(b) They are happy and hopeful for the future
(c) Skeptical because they're all new and have no idea what to expect of her
(d) Disappointed because she reminds them of the ugly past

11. On what day of what year does Henry of Bolingbroke get married?
(a) March 15, 1380
(b) Christmas Day, 1380
(c) July 15, 1380
(d) New Year's Day, 1380

12. What does Cob do to reawaken the unconscious Katherine?
(a) He waves ammonia under her nose
(b) He shakes her violently
(c) He slaps her a few times
(d) He rolls her into a nearby brook

13. Right before John leaves for Scotland, Katherine has a fit and says:
(a) She saw the Pooka Hound of Kettelthorpe
(b) She doesn't like Scotland, so they'll have to arrange meeting elsewhere
(c) She thinks their love is in danger
(d) She is expecting twins

14. Where does Richard die?
(a) In Waltham Abbey
(b) In a remote castle where he starves to death under the constable, Thomas Swynford
(c) In France
(d) In Windsor Castle

15. Where is the trial of John Wyclef held, and why there?
(a) Windsor Castle, since it's large enough for the throngs attending
(b) Savoy Castle, as John insisted on having it on his territory
(c) St. Paul's Cathedral, as huge crowds are attending
(d) Wembley Stadium, since it's large enough to hold the massive crowds

Short Answer Questions

1. What initially saves Katherine and Blanchette from the mob when they break into the palace?

2. Although Wat the tiler dresses up for his meeting with the king and tries to befriend the king, the king's squire calls Wat, "the greatest knave and robber in all Kent" because he shows no respect for the king. What happens to Wat after the squire's statement?

3. How does Katherine feel about being back at Kettlethorpe?

4. Katherine and John visit Hugh's tomb. After which, what happens?

5. How old is Katherine now?

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