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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Richard has no heir, which raises his suspicions toward Katherine. Why?
(a) He wonders if she will try witchcraft on him
(b) He prefers sons over daughters
(c) He wonders if her sons covet his throne
(d) He thinks she'll knock him off and replace him with John

2. Who tries to help Katherine and Blanchette escape from the angry mobs?
(a) Princess Joan
(b) The Earl of March
(c) The Duke of Lancaster
(d) Brother William

3. Where does Katherine feel she should now return?
(a) Sheppey, the convent
(b) Scotland
(c) Savoy, to rebuild it
(d) Swynford, her husband's home

4. How old is Katherine now?
(a) Sixty-five
(b) It's unclear. The narrator doesn't ever reveal Katherine's true age
(c) Forty-five
(d) Fifty-five

5. Lady Julian helps Katherine realize and feel the real love of God. Katherine then surprises herself by returning to:
(a) Sheppey Priory
(b) The Pessoners' home
(c) Savoy
(d) Kettlethorpe

6. What does Richard do after the Duke of Lancaster's death?
(a) He confiscates all of the Lancastrian estates
(b) He kicks Katherine and her children out of Windsor
(c) He executes every last member of the Lancaster clan
(d) He goes into seclusion in the tower and mourns his death for six months

7. What does the duke do with his children on Maundy Thursday?
(a) Wash the hands of the poor, give them gloves and chocolate
(b) Wait for the poor to enter church, shut the doors and lock them up
(c) Wash the feet of the poor, feed them, and give them silver
(d) Wash the clothing of the poor, give them bread and cheese

8. What announcement does Katherine make to John in the spring?
(a) She's giving him up and becoming a nun
(b) She's ill and dying
(c) She's no longer in love with him
(d) She's pregnant

9. Who does the king's squire, Robin, think is a challenge for the duke?
(a) Costanza
(b) The wealthy bishops
(c) The peasants
(d) Katherine and Costanza

10. How is John Ball punished for inciting revolt against the poll tax?
(a) He is sent to the salt mines of Russia
(b) He is banished from England
(c) He is sent to labor in the grape yards of Italy
(d) He is imprisoned in Kent

11. At the Pessoners, Geoffrey calls the hatred of the duke senseless and unjust. What does Katherine say about that?
(a) Katherine feels Geoffrey is being disloyal and unfair
(b) She now believes it was God's punishment for her affair with John
(c) She completely agrees and wants to find a way to change people's minds.
(d) Katherine disagrees with Geoffrey because she too, now hates the duke

12. Katherine tries to get John to reveal the root of his fear. When he feels he can completely trust her with what is troubling him, he says her:
(a) He hears witchcraft and that he thinks Pieter has cast a spell on him
(b) That she frightens him more than anyone
(c) He knows exactly what the problem is and that he wants her to leave him alone
(d) That she's not a mental health expert and she needs to leave him alone

13. Who is making bloody threats against the king?
(a) Blanchette, who appears out of nowhere
(b) Katherine's son Thomas
(c) John's brother of Gloucester
(d) Catalina, daughter of Costanza and John

14. According to the Baron de la Pole, what two things did the duke do for Katherine to express his everlasting love and respect for her?
(a) He cut off the finger on which he wore her ring and never kissed another woman
(b) He became celibate and stopped drinking
(c) He built the Chapel to Saint Catherine and he never publicly renounced her as was rumored
(d) He built the women's college of Saint Catherine and established a convent in her name

15. As Katherine approaches Walsingham, she thinks of one word to describe her life since leaving the convent. What is that word?
(a) Depressing
(b) Happy
(c) Evil
(d) Generous

Short Answer Questions

1. What confession does Pieter make when surrounded by Appleton and others?

2. John Ball leads mobs across England, demanding the heads of:

3. In a conversation with Katherine, Brother William tells her that Pieter and the two monks have been banished to Cyprus. He also tells her to:

4. Right before Brother William dies, what does he tell Katherine about Hugh's death?

5. How old is Richard of Bordeaux when he's coronated?

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