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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Guy Pessoner visits Katherine and tells her that the king, Princess Joan, the archbishop, the treasurer, and a few other lords have hidden themselves in the tower because:
(a) The king feels he's neglected the tower and wants to revisit it
(b) The king needs help getting over his fear of heights
(c) The mobs of peasants, angry over the tax poll and feudalism, are after them
(d) The king and his coterie enjoy literally looking down on the peasants

2. What is the reaction of the servants to Katherine's return to Kettlethorpe?
(a) Disappointed because she reminds them of the ugly past
(b) They are happy and hopeful for the future
(c) Skeptical because they're all new and have no idea what to expect of her
(d) They don't react much, because Robert Sutton is the real boss

3. What does Brother William say John Ball is now preaching to the serfs?
(a) They should move to foreign countries and experience other cultures
(b) They want equal status and freedom with all men
(c) They should join him in his chase after the duke in Scotland
(d) They should convert to Catholicism

4. Katherine's daughter Joan says her brother Thomas hates the king, saying he describes the king as:
(a) Womanish, soft-bellied and two-tongued
(b) Uglier than the Hunchback of Notre Dame
(c) So sickly he could knock him down by just touching him
(d) Scarier than the devil

5. What announcement does Katherine make to John in the spring?
(a) She's pregnant
(b) She's no longer in love with him
(c) She's giving him up and becoming a nun
(d) She's ill and dying

6. Richard has no heir, which raises his suspicions toward Katherine. Why?
(a) He prefers sons over daughters
(b) He wonders if she will try witchcraft on him
(c) He thinks she'll knock him off and replace him with John
(d) He wonders if her sons covet his throne

7. Katherine and John visit Hugh's tomb. After which, what happens?
(a) John confesses that he was remarried again
(b) John announces he is leading a regiment into Prussia
(c) John says he is leaving England forever and wants her to come with him
(d) John asks her to marry him

8. At the Pessoners, Geoffrey calls the hatred of the duke senseless and unjust. What does Katherine say about that?
(a) She completely agrees and wants to find a way to change people's minds.
(b) Katherine disagrees with Geoffrey because she too, now hates the duke
(c) She now believes it was God's punishment for her affair with John
(d) Katherine feels Geoffrey is being disloyal and unfair

9. What does John realize is causing his insanity?
(a) He still has no idea. He thinks he's fine and that everyone around him has some silly idea he's crazy
(b) Deep grief from childhood. Isolda promised him she wouldn't leave him then died
(c) The women in his life
(d) His lack of war victories

10. Robin, playing the Lord of Misrule, shouts "Now shall each man kiss the lady of his heart!" He then kisses:
(a) Princess Joan
(b) Philippa
(c) Eleanor
(d) Katherine

11. What does Katherine find at the duke's gatehouse that brands him a traitor?
(a) The Duke's shield, painted in red
(b) A four-foot high cross, painted red
(c) A ten-foot high cross, painted in black
(d) The duke's shield, turned upside down

12. What shocking news does Katherine learn about the king's plans?
(a) He will suggest that all of Europe merge into one, creating a union
(b) He lied to the serfs to stop the riots but has no intention of setting them free permanently
(c) He will soon strip all royalty and landed gentry of their titles
(d) He lured the duke back to England to execute him

13. What initially saves Katherine and Blanchette from the mob when they break into the palace?
(a) Their big English hats. It conceals their faces.
(b) Their fake cockney accents, which make them sound like peasants.
(c) Their dull grey clothing. It conceals who they are.
(d) Their plain faces without makeup. They are unrecognizable without color.

14. As Katherine regains her memory of the moments before Brother Williams' death, she tells Dame Emma that it wasn't the friar's blood that drove Blanchette away, but probably:
(a) Madness, for she had been showing signs of it beforehand
(b) The size of the mob approaching them
(c) The revelation that he believed Katherine had murdered Hugh
(d) That he believes Katherine is a witch

15. Janet, Katherine's daughter-in-law, has a theory about why Katherine doesn't see her son Thomas much. What is Janet's theory?
(a) Katherine thinks Thomas is unpleasant like his late father
(b) Katherine prefers her illegitimate children with thedDuke to her natural children with Hugh
(c) Katherine is removing herself from society
(d) Katherine doesn't like Janet

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Richard of Bordeaux when he's coronated?

2. Katherine visits her beloved Blanche's tomb. In the tomb, she hears Blanche's voice and decides:

3. Suddenly, Blanchette becomes ill for a month. Who looks after her during her illness?

4. What does the duke do with his children on Maundy Thursday?

5. Right before John leaves for Scotland, Katherine has a fit and says:

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