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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does John turn down the idea that he should stay in Scotland because the people here love him and will likely give him an army?
(a) John confesses he can't communicate with the Scots because of their accent
(b) John confesses he doesn't like the Scots
(c) He cannot be without Katherine
(d) John says he's not a traitor and stands by his king

2. Katherine sends a letter to the duke. In it she asks him to:
(a) Be with Costanza, for she'll make him happier than Katherine ever could
(b) Look for Blanchette but not worry about the other children
(c) Keep her children with him because she's too ashamed to meet them again
(d) Send her children to Kettlethorpe where she will raise them

3. Thomas Swynford is now nineteen and a knight. Who does he serve?
(a) The Duke of Lancaster
(b) Henry of Bolingbroke, his half brother
(c) Costanza, the Queen of Castile
(d) Princess Joan

4. Now legitimately married to John, and their children legitimized as well, Katherine is back at Windsor Castle. But are the ladies in court happy to have her back?
(a) Not at first, but they warm up to her and become intimate friends
(b) They don't have time to think about Katherine
(c) Yes, they sing and sew together
(d) No, they are not tolerant

5. How is John Ball punished for inciting revolt against the poll tax?
(a) He is sent to the salt mines of Russia
(b) He is banished from England
(c) He is imprisoned in Kent
(d) He is sent to labor in the grape yards of Italy

6. Katherine and John visit Hugh's tomb. After which, what happens?
(a) John asks her to marry him
(b) John confesses that he was remarried again
(c) John says he is leaving England forever and wants her to come with him
(d) John announces he is leading a regiment into Prussia

7. Where does Katherine feel she should now return?
(a) Swynford, her husband's home
(b) Savoy, to rebuild it
(c) Sheppey, the convent
(d) Scotland

8. Katherine stays in a pilgrim hotel in Waltham. She hears the king will be arriving and hopes:
(a) That he has seen Blanchette
(b) That he will bring her back into the royal fold
(c) That he doesn't recognize her
(d) That the Duke of Lancaster will be with him

9. What does Alice Perrers do immediately after the king dies?
(a) Makes a pass at his brother
(b) Takes some of his jewelry and flees
(c) Goes insane and locks herself up in a tower
(d) Poisons herself and climbs into his tomb

10. Two nuns arrive at the castle to see Katherine. One is name Ursula, who in fact turns out to be the long-lost Blanchette. Blanchette says she has returned because:
(a) She has been given unprecedented power to absolve Katherine of her sins
(b) She has been ordered by the church to take Katherine to the convent
(c) She has no money or home and nowhere else to go
(d) She could no longer live with her hatred for Katherine

11. What initially saves Katherine and Blanchette from the mob when they break into the palace?
(a) Their dull grey clothing. It conceals who they are.
(b) Their plain faces without makeup. They are unrecognizable without color.
(c) Their fake cockney accents, which make them sound like peasants.
(d) Their big English hats. It conceals their faces.

12. Who is making bloody threats against the king?
(a) Blanchette, who appears out of nowhere
(b) John's brother of Gloucester
(c) Katherine's son Thomas
(d) Catalina, daughter of Costanza and John

13. What illness does Philippa have?
(a) Pancreatic cancer
(b) Thyroid disease
(c) Breast cancer
(d) Old age

14. What is the main message or theme of this chapter?
(a) Always question who your parents are.
(b) That when you're stressed out, it's good to rest and wake up hungry
(c) If you're powerful, you will go crazy.
(d) That love conquers all.

15. The Duke challenges Percy to mortal combat. Who shows up to fight him?
(a) A mob of angry peasants
(b) Percy's son, Little Hotspur
(c) No one, John stands in a field waiting and waiting
(d) Percy of Northumberland, as promised

Short Answer Questions

1. Although Richard has remarried to an eight year old, he occasionally thinks of his dead wife Anne. What are his thoughts regarding her?

2. What worries Katherine when she learns that both Trastamare and King Charles of France have died?

3. How old is Richard of Bordeaux when he's coronated?

4. Where is Costanza while the duke and Katherine publicly travel around England together?

5. What confession does Pieter make when surrounded by Appleton and others?

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