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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To whom is Philippa engaged?
(a) The Duke of Lancaster
(b) The King's Squire
(c) Geoffrey Chaucer
(d) Roger DeCheyne

2. Why does Katherine decide to ride her horse to visit the Duchess of Lancaster?
(a) She thinks Doucette, her horse, needs exercise
(b) The servants refuse to take her
(c) She sees it as an opportunity to try to lose the baby
(d) She learns that Blanche, the Duchess, is also pregnant and rides her horse all of the time

3. Who does Katherine encounter on the ship to Bordeaux?
(a) Isolda, John's mother
(b) Isabel, John's sister
(c) A woman named Blanche with an uncanny resemblance to Katherine
(d) Gueneviere, John's sister

4. Why does the duke insist on seeing Katherine before remarrying?
(a) He wants her opinion of his wedding attire
(b) He wants to see if he's over her
(c) He wants to know if, because Katherine was close to Blanche, she thinks Blanche would approve of the union
(d) He wants her permission to marry a queen

5. The Earl of March envies John, but thinks he has one strength and advantage that John does not:
(a) The Earl is about to father a child who is closer to the throne than any of the Lancaster children
(b) He is a better swordsman
(c) He has fathered many bastard children
(d) He is expecting children with several royal women

6. What does Katherine tell Hugh before he leaves for war?
(a) She has discovered that she cannot have children
(b) That she's pregnant
(c) She's leaving him and not to look for her
(d) He must stop at the Lancaster estate for a blessing first

7. Katherine visits the Pessoner home only to be suddenly called away by:
(a) The Duke of Lancaster, who requires her presence immediately
(b) The king, who no longer cares for Alice Perrers
(c) The Duke of Yorkshire, who wants to meet her
(d) Geoffrey Chaucer, who needs her help editing his latest work

8. What does Katherine tell John when she returns to Bordeaux?
(a) She's pregnant with his child
(b) She fell in love with Nirac and they are eloping
(c) She has changed her mind and wants to become a nun
(d) She feels she's still married to Hugh and cannot be unfaithful to his memory

9. Nirac overhears John's declaration to Katherine. He decides to take matters into his own hands by:
(a) Poisoning Hugh
(b) Putting Hugh on the front lines in battle
(c) Poisoning Costanza
(d) Poisoning Katherine

10. What illness does Nichola, Hugh's stepmother, have?
(a) Cancer
(b) Water-elf sickness
(c) A bad heart
(d) Psoriasis

11. How does Katherine respond to John's amorous declaration?
(a) She no longer feels the same way toward him
(b) She has made a vow to Saint Catherine and she intends to keep it
(c) She met someone else and is deeply in love with this new man
(d) Hugh is a changed man and she thinks she's in love with him now

12. Why is Hugh confident he'll return by May?
(a) He's certain that it won't take long to beat
(b) His contract prevents him from fighting any longer
(c) He went to a fortune teller who said that the Castilians won't last long
(d) He's certain that the Castilians can't fight in warmer weather

13. Where does the duke take Katherine?
(a) The Captal de Buch's chateau
(b) Versailles
(c) Corsica
(d) Windsor Castle

14. What assumption has Katherine made about her release from the convent?
(a) That someone has hired her as a governess
(b) That she's being transferred to another convent
(c) That her sister Philippa has sent for her
(d) That a husband has been chosen for her and she will soon be married

15. How did the Duchess's children evade the Plague?
(a) They are actually Gascons, who are born with Plague immunity
(b) They hid underground where they could not contract the disease
(c) They were on holiday in France where there is no Plague
(d) They were safe in the North Tower throughout the scourge

Short Answer Questions

1. Also at the House of Commons, Alice Perrers is accused of:

2. In addition to dystentery, what else plagues Hugh?

3. When Katherine reaches Hugh in Aquitaine, he's as ill-tempered as ever. But he softens up when she tells him about:

4. The Duke goes into seclusion after Blanche's burial, permitting only this person to see him:

5. What happens when Katherine goes alone to the courtyard?

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