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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What keeps Katherine from going to Bolingbroke sooner?
(a) She has to wait until she can wean Thomas off her
(b) She can't make up her mind if she really likes Blanche
(c) A robber stole her horse and Hugh won't give her another one
(d) Violent rainstorms ruin the road to Bolingbroke

2. Where does the duke take Katherine?
(a) Corsica
(b) The Captal de Buch's chateau
(c) Versailles
(d) Windsor Castle

3. Why does the duke insist on seeing Katherine before remarrying?
(a) He wants to know if, because Katherine was close to Blanche, she thinks Blanche would approve of the union
(b) He wants her permission to marry a queen
(c) He wants her opinion of his wedding attire
(d) He wants to see if he's over her

4. How did the Duchess's children evade the Plague?
(a) They were on holiday in France where there is no Plague
(b) They were safe in the North Tower throughout the scourge
(c) They hid underground where they could not contract the disease
(d) They are actually Gascons, who are born with Plague immunity

5. In 1372, Costanza gives birth to a daughter named Catalina. What is that name's equivalent in English?
(a) It has no English equivalent
(b) Katherine
(c) Constantine
(d) Cecilia

6. What does Geoffrey Chaucer feel about Katherine's relationship with John?
(a) He could care less
(b) He thinks it will be great source material for his next work
(c) That it's inappropriate
(d) He approves

7. Who or what are the "four dread horsemen of the Apocalypse"?
(a) Famine, War, Pestilence and Death
(b) Peace, Love, Understanding and Wisdom
(c) Famine, War, Sloth and Hanging
(d) There are really only two: Famine and War

8. Katherine goes to the Chapel to visit Blanches' body and finds the duke there. What does he tell her?
(a) He wishes he had caught the Plague so he could be dead with Blanche
(b) To leave
(c) To stay until he feels better
(d) He's giving Bolingbroke to the convent

9. Why does Geoffrey send Philippa to stay at Kettlethorpe?
(a) He has no money left to support her for the time being
(b) So that she'll be away from the plague in London
(c) He doesn't give a reason
(d) He needs to be alone in London so he can write

10. In Parliament, the king seems to be interested only in:
(a) Getting a measure passed for the hanging of Alice Perrers
(b) The way he is dressed
(c) Having lunch with Alice Perrers
(d) Taking a nap after the session

11. What happens when Katherine goes alone to the courtyard?
(a) Hugh tells her he must return her to the convent
(b) Hugh reads her a love poem and seduces her
(c) Hugh attacks her and tries to rape her
(d) Hugh stands next to her but never utters a word

12. Katherine soon discovers the real reason she has been called upon:
(a) The Duke is making arrangements to send her back to the convent
(b) The Duke wants to banish her from England
(c) The Duke wants to declare his love for her
(d) The Duke suspects her of killing Blanche

13. What does the local bishop call Katherine after meeting her?
(a) A goddess
(b) A charity wench
(c) Princess Katherine
(d) A barmaid

14. Who sets the playful tone by dancing a dog on the table at Blanche's funeral dinner hosted by the king?
(a) Philippa and Geoffrey, who have no tact
(b) Alice Perrers, his mistress
(c) Katherine, who thinks Blanche would have preferred a jovial funeral dinner
(d) The Duke of Lancaster, who shows up unexpectedly

15. What is the name of the illness that the Prince of Wales has?
(a) Cancer
(b) Dementia
(c) Dropsy
(d) Dysenterry

Short Answer Questions

1. Katherine reaches Blanche just in time to:

2. How does Bolingbroke, the home of the Lancasters, compare with Kettlethorpe?

3. As Katherine passes the skin market at Danesgate, she sees:

4. What does Katherine tell John when she returns to Bordeaux?

5. What assumption has Katherine made about her release from the convent?

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