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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Duke's pious daughter Philippa worries about her father's relationship with Katherine because:
(a) They live in sin
(b) She fears being beheaded for her father's sins
(c) It's not convenient for her
(d) It's embarrassing to her

2. Who helps Katherine deliver her baby?
(a) Hawise
(b) Nichola
(c) Philippa
(d) Blanche

3. Katherine goes back to the Pessoners' and asks Hawise to:
(a) Sew a really nice dress for her
(b) Serve as her maid
(c) Attend mass with her
(d) Serve as her personal chef

4. All of the duke's men are happy except for Baron de la Pole. The Baron gets sent away for openly expressing his concerns to the duke. On his way to Havering, he meets Brother William Appleton who tells him something interesting about the duke. What does he tell Baron?
(a) He is in possession of documents that could ruin John forever
(b) That John will soon move to Castile and not return
(c) He has seen genuine documents that confirm the duke is the son of a Flemish butcher
(d) He overheard two monks and a Flemish man had created the documents that question the duke's heritage

5. What illness does Nichola, Hugh's stepmother, have?
(a) A bad heart
(b) Water-elf sickness
(c) Psoriasis
(d) Cancer

6. Hugh is initially suspicious as to why the duke has forgiven his debts. When Katherine reassures him that it must be the Duke's way of thanking her for taking care of the Duchess, how does Hugh react?
(a) He kisses her hand lightly
(b) He kisses her left foot
(c) He kisses her passionately
(d) He slaps her across the face

7. Katherine reaches Blanche just in time to:
(a) Get a priest to administer last rites
(b) Hear Blanche tell her that the duke is not who she thinks he is
(c) Get a blessing to have an affair with the duke
(d) Get a judge to annul Blanche's marriage to the duke

8. Who or what are the "four dread horsemen of the Apocalypse"?
(a) Peace, Love, Understanding and Wisdom
(b) Famine, War, Sloth and Hanging
(c) Famine, War, Pestilence and Death
(d) There are really only two: Famine and War

9. The Earl of March envies John, but thinks he has one strength and advantage that John does not:
(a) He is expecting children with several royal women
(b) He is a better swordsman
(c) The Earl is about to father a child who is closer to the throne than any of the Lancaster children
(d) He has fathered many bastard children

10. Katherine goes to mass and runs into John, disguised as a pilgrim. He tells her:
(a) He has become a cleric
(b) He loves her and cannot live without her
(c) He's thinking of changing the law so that he can have multiple wives
(d) He sees the ghost of his wife everywhere and is scared

11. What mode of transport does Katherine use when leaving the convent?
(a) Horse
(b) None. She walks.
(c) Horse and buggy
(d) A pumpkin-shaped carriage

12. When Katherine reaches Hugh in Aquitaine, he's as ill-tempered as ever. But he softens up when she tells him about:
(a) Their children
(b) A new wine venture she has started that's sure to be successful
(c) A magic potion that will heal him instantly
(d) The money they're making from their estates

13. In addition to dystentery, what else plagues Hugh?
(a) Strange shaking
(b) Impotence
(c) Migraine headaches
(d) Strange nightmarish visions

14. What happens when Katherine goes alone to the courtyard?
(a) Hugh attacks her and tries to rape her
(b) Hugh reads her a love poem and seduces her
(c) Hugh tells her he must return her to the convent
(d) Hugh stands next to her but never utters a word

15. What assumption has Katherine made about her release from the convent?
(a) That someone has hired her as a governess
(b) That her sister Philippa has sent for her
(c) That a husband has been chosen for her and she will soon be married
(d) That she's being transferred to another convent

Short Answer Questions

1. Who, to Katherine's dismay, is in attendance at the ceremony commemorating the death of Blanche, the duke's first wife?

2. John has a dream in which he "felt the touch of the sacred oil as the archbishop anointed him and he had felt, vivid as in waking, the holy pressure" of a certain country's crown. What country's crown?

3. Why can't Katherine go home?

4. What is the Captal's opinion of Katherine?

5. What announcement does the Duke of Lancaster make when he arrives?

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