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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Friar, Brother William, doesn't suspect Katherine of foul play in Hugh's death. Instead, he believes that:
(a) Hugh didn't want to live anymore
(b) Hugh might have had a heart attack
(c) Hugh died of internal bleeding
(d) Hugh's bowel burst

2. The Duke manages to get Katherine to go to Aquitaine under what pretense?
(a) Women are now being drafted and it's her time to go
(b) She needs to join other wives who are serving as nurses
(c) She needs to tend to Hugh who has been injured in battle
(d) The army needs a seamstress to repair the country's war flags

3. What does Roger DeCheyne ask Katherine for?
(a) A token for luck
(b) A promise to leave Hugh if he wins the joust
(c) A big wet kiss
(d) A blessing before battle

4. After reversing the Parliament's measures, John still has two significant enemies:
(a) The King and the Prince of Wales
(b) Katherine and Costanza
(c) Isolda and Pieter
(d) The Earl of March and Bishop Courtenay of London

5. What does Katherine try to prevent the servants from doing shortly before she gives birth?
(a) Participating in a pagan ritual that involves sacrificing animals and drinking heavily
(b) Cooking anything with lamb in it
(c) Attending a wine festival
(d) Building a new wing on the house for the new baby

6. Who is John interested in marrying?
(a) Costanza, Queen of Castile
(b) Alice Walker
(c) Alice Perrers
(d) Elizabeth, Queen of England

7. Why is Costanza eager to make a pilgrimage to Canterbury?
(a) She hopes St. Thomas will help her become more fertile
(b) She hopes St. Thomas will make her beautiful, like Katherine
(c) She hopes St. Thomas will help her get more sleep
(d) She hopes St. Thomas will make Katherine magically disappear

8. Nirac's feelings toward Katherine go from loyalty to hatred. Resigned that he'll never be greatly admired by John, what does he do?
(a) Secretly tells Costanza what is really going on
(b) Takes some drug and tells the Friar about the duke and Katherine
(c) Disappears
(d) Resigns his commission and moves to the countryside to become a farmer

9. What important event takes place in April 1369?
(a) France surrenders to England
(b) England declares war with France again
(c) The king gets the bishop to stop the rain from falling
(d) Castile is declared the capital of continental Europe

10. How did the Duchess's children evade the Plague?
(a) They were safe in the North Tower throughout the scourge
(b) They hid underground where they could not contract the disease
(c) They were on holiday in France where there is no Plague
(d) They are actually Gascons, who are born with Plague immunity

11. What does Katherine tell John when she returns to Bordeaux?
(a) She feels she's still married to Hugh and cannot be unfaithful to his memory
(b) She has changed her mind and wants to become a nun
(c) She's pregnant with his child
(d) She fell in love with Nirac and they are eloping

12. Where does the duke take Katherine?
(a) Corsica
(b) Windsor Castle
(c) The Captal de Buch's chateau
(d) Versailles

13. Katherine goes to the Chapel to visit Blanches' body and finds the duke there. What does he tell her?
(a) He's giving Bolingbroke to the convent
(b) To leave
(c) To stay until he feels better
(d) He wishes he had caught the Plague so he could be dead with Blanche

14. Hugh takes the drink from Katherine and soon thereafter dreams of the Kettlethorpe Pooka Hound with "fiery-red eyes." What does the Pooka Hound symbolize?
(a) Sainthood
(b) Long life and prosperity
(c) Death
(d) Nothing. He's just a crazy dog

15. As Katherine passes the skin market at Danesgate, she sees:
(a) A nun from the convent
(b) Philippa
(c) Alice Perrers
(d) Costanza

Short Answer Questions

1. What illness does Nichola, Hugh's stepmother, have?

2. Why do the servants resent the pregnant Katherine?

3. In 1372, Costanza gives birth to a daughter named Catalina. What is that name's equivalent in English?

4. The Earl of March envies John, but thinks he has one strength and advantage that John does not:

5. The Duke goes into seclusion after Blanche's burial, permitting only this person to see him:

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