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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who sets the playful tone by dancing a dog on the table at Blanche's funeral dinner hosted by the king?
(a) The Duke of Lancaster, who shows up unexpectedly
(b) Katherine, who thinks Blanche would have preferred a jovial funeral dinner
(c) Alice Perrers, his mistress
(d) Philippa and Geoffrey, who have no tact

2. The Duke's pious daughter Philippa worries about her father's relationship with Katherine because:
(a) They live in sin
(b) She fears being beheaded for her father's sins
(c) It's not convenient for her
(d) It's embarrassing to her

3. What does Katherine realize about herself after hearing Geoffrey read the love poem?
(a) She makes all men who meet her fall in love with her
(b) He's not a very talented writer
(c) She has never, and may never, experience true love
(d) She liked his comic poetry more than his romantic verse

4. Who is John interested in marrying?
(a) Alice Perrers
(b) Costanza, Queen of Castile
(c) Elizabeth, Queen of England
(d) Alice Walker

5. Describe the condition of Kettlethorpe when Katherine first arrives:
(a) Dilapidated, abandoned, in need of repair
(b) A little shabby but nothing that can't be fixed in a week
(c) Beautifully manicured
(d) Burned to the ground, smoke rising from its ashes

6. What is the name of the illness that the Prince of Wales has?
(a) Dysenterry
(b) Dropsy
(c) Cancer
(d) Dementia

7. Katherine goes to mass and runs into John, disguised as a pilgrim. He tells her:
(a) He has become a cleric
(b) He sees the ghost of his wife everywhere and is scared
(c) He's thinking of changing the law so that he can have multiple wives
(d) He loves her and cannot live without her

8. Who does Katherine encounter on the ship to Bordeaux?
(a) A woman named Blanche with an uncanny resemblance to Katherine
(b) Isolda, John's mother
(c) Isabel, John's sister
(d) Gueneviere, John's sister

9. When Raulin and three men show up to escort Katherine and Hawise to Kettlethorpe, he mentions he has some letters from the duke to be delivered to people in Lincoln. Katherine is disappointed because the letters are not for her, but for:
(a) Gibbon
(b) Philippa
(c) Robert Sutton
(d) Hugh

10. Whose husband leads the angry mob?
(a) Costanza's husband, the duke
(b) Philippa's husband, Geoffrey
(c) Emma's husband, Guy le Pessoner
(d) Jack, Hawise's husband

11. The Duke goes into seclusion after Blanche's burial, permitting only this person to see him:
(a) Hugh Swynford
(b) The king
(c) Raulin d'Ypres, his young Flemish body squire
(d) Geoffrey Chaucer

12. Who was Isolda?
(a) Alice Perrer's older sister
(b) John of Gaunt's sister
(c) John of Gaunt's mother
(d) A mysterious servant who charmed the royals

13. To whom is Philippa engaged?
(a) The Duke of Lancaster
(b) Roger DeCheyne
(c) Geoffrey Chaucer
(d) The King's Squire

14. What happens when Katherine goes alone to the courtyard?
(a) Hugh tells her he must return her to the convent
(b) Hugh stands next to her but never utters a word
(c) Hugh attacks her and tries to rape her
(d) Hugh reads her a love poem and seduces her

15. Hugh is initially suspicious as to why the duke has forgiven his debts. When Katherine reassures him that it must be the Duke's way of thanking her for taking care of the Duchess, how does Hugh react?
(a) He slaps her across the face
(b) He kisses her left foot
(c) He kisses her passionately
(d) He kisses her hand lightly

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Hugh confident he'll return by May?

2. Katherine goes to the Chapel to visit Blanches' body and finds the duke there. What does he tell her?

3. When Katherine reaches Hugh in Aquitaine, he's as ill-tempered as ever. But he softens up when she tells him about:

4. How does the duke react to news of Hugh's death?

5. The Duke manages to get Katherine to go to Aquitaine under what pretense?

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