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Anya Seton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Six/Thirty-Two.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Katherine find Philippa's letter so upsetting?
(a) Philippa says Katherine is a bad person who deserves an equally bad husband
(b) Philippa preaches to her about childbearing
(c) Philippa refuses to visit her
(d) Philippa assumes that Katherine is living in great comfort and luxury

2. Despite telling the Captal that he only loves Katherine, what must John do?
(a) Marry an eight-year-old princess from Italy
(b) Marry Costanza, Queen of Castile
(c) Remain single and celibate
(d) Marry Alice Perrers to make her

3. Guy Pessoner visits Katherine and tells her that the king, Princess Joan, the archbishop, the treasurer, and a few other lords have hidden themselves in the tower because:
(a) The king and his coterie enjoy literally looking down on the peasants
(b) The mobs of peasants, angry over the tax poll and feudalism, are after them
(c) The king needs help getting over his fear of heights
(d) The king feels he's neglected the tower and wants to revisit it

4. While staying at the Pessoners' home for her safety, Katherine discovers that Hawise's husband is gathering arms to do what?
(a) Practice shooting
(b) Use against the duke
(c) To give to the French
(d) To give to the Cantons

5. Who is now the master at Kettlethorpe?
(a) Cob o'Fenton
(b) Robert Sutton
(c) John Ball
(d) Hawise's husband Jack

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the Duchess's children evade the Plague?

2. Who offers to take a message to the king on John's behalf?

3. What announcement does the Duke of Lancaster make when he arrives?

4. Although Wat the tiler dresses up for his meeting with the king and tries to befriend the king, the king's squire calls Wat, "the greatest knave and robber in all Kent" because he shows no respect for the king. What happens to Wat after the squire's statement?

5. Once Katherine is resigned to marrying Hugh, what does she give him?

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