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Anya Seton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Six/Thirty-Two.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is disturbing John most at this point in his life?
(a) That his brother, the Prince of Wales, is more handsome
(b) That Geoffrey Chaucer isn't writing a biography of him
(c) That no one will fully accept his relationship with Katherine
(d) The rumors circulating that he is a changeling

2. Where does Katherine take Geoffrey to tell him about the guilt she feels and everything she now believes has gone wrong in her life?
(a) The Pessoners' back yard
(b) To the ruins of Savoy
(c) To Blanche's tomb
(d) To see Brother William's head

3. What shocking news does Katherine learn about the king's plans?
(a) He will suggest that all of Europe merge into one, creating a union
(b) He lured the duke back to England to execute him
(c) He lied to the serfs to stop the riots but has no intention of setting them free permanently
(d) He will soon strip all royalty and landed gentry of their titles

4. After reversing the Parliament's measures, John still has two significant enemies:
(a) Katherine and Costanza
(b) The King and the Prince of Wales
(c) The Earl of March and Bishop Courtenay of London
(d) Isolda and Pieter

5. What does the duke do with his children on Maundy Thursday?
(a) Wait for the poor to enter church, shut the doors and lock them up
(b) Wash the clothing of the poor, give them bread and cheese
(c) Wash the feet of the poor, feed them, and give them silver
(d) Wash the hands of the poor, give them gloves and chocolate

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Katherine's mother die?

2. What does Father Oswald refuse to grant Katherine after she confesses?

3. How does Katherine feel about being back at Kettlethorpe?

4. To whom is Philippa engaged?

5. What important event takes place in April 1369?

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