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Anya Seton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Six/Thirty-Two.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Katherine try to prevent the servants from doing shortly before she gives birth?
(a) Attending a wine festival
(b) Participating in a pagan ritual that involves sacrificing animals and drinking heavily
(c) Building a new wing on the house for the new baby
(d) Cooking anything with lamb in it

2. Although Wat the tiler dresses up for his meeting with the king and tries to befriend the king, the king's squire calls Wat, "the greatest knave and robber in all Kent" because he shows no respect for the king. What happens to Wat after the squire's statement?
(a) Nothing. Everyone, including the king, ignores the squire
(b) He gets killed by the king's men
(c) The king slaps Wat and tells him to kneel on the ground before him
(d) The king tells his squire he is greatly mistaken, then fires his squire

3. Right before John leaves for Scotland, Katherine has a fit and says:
(a) She is expecting twins
(b) She doesn't like Scotland, so they'll have to arrange meeting elsewhere
(c) She thinks their love is in danger
(d) She saw the Pooka Hound of Kettelthorpe

4. Once Katherine is resigned to marrying Hugh, what does she give him?
(a) A bible
(b) Nothing because he doesn't need any lucky tokens
(c) A suit of armor
(d) A piece of her sleeve to wear in the upcoming joust

5. Janet, Katherine's daughter-in-law, has a theory about why Katherine doesn't see her son Thomas much. What is Janet's theory?
(a) Katherine is removing herself from society
(b) Katherine doesn't like Janet
(c) Katherine prefers her illegitimate children with thedDuke to her natural children with Hugh
(d) Katherine thinks Thomas is unpleasant like his late father

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is now the master at Kettlethorpe?

2. What happens when Hugh looks up at the black cross in Waltham Abbey?

3. Why does Nirac, the duke's loyal servant, decide to guard Katherine with his life?

4. Describe Katherine's reaction to the pyx when it passes the Chaucer home?

5. What illness does Philippa have?

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