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Anya Seton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Five/Twenty-Seven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Katherine goes to the Chapel to visit Blanches' body and finds the duke there. What does he tell her?
(a) To stay until he feels better
(b) He's giving Bolingbroke to the convent
(c) To leave
(d) He wishes he had caught the Plague so he could be dead with Blanche

2. Katherine goes back to the Pessoners' and asks Hawise to:
(a) Serve as her maid
(b) Attend mass with her
(c) Sew a really nice dress for her
(d) Serve as her personal chef

3. What does Katherine try to prevent the servants from doing shortly before she gives birth?
(a) Attending a wine festival
(b) Building a new wing on the house for the new baby
(c) Participating in a pagan ritual that involves sacrificing animals and drinking heavily
(d) Cooking anything with lamb in it

4. Why is Hugh confident he'll return by May?
(a) He's certain that the Castilians can't fight in warmer weather
(b) He went to a fortune teller who said that the Castilians won't last long
(c) His contract prevents him from fighting any longer
(d) He's certain that it won't take long to beat

5. What does the duke do with his children on Maundy Thursday?
(a) Wait for the poor to enter church, shut the doors and lock them up
(b) Wash the hands of the poor, give them gloves and chocolate
(c) Wash the clothing of the poor, give them bread and cheese
(d) Wash the feet of the poor, feed them, and give them silver

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Nirac, the duke's loyal servant, decide to guard Katherine with his life?

2. How does the duke react to news of Hugh's death?

3. How have John's concerns about his heritage affected him?

4. Why can't Katherine go home?

5. After reversing the Parliament's measures, John still has two significant enemies:

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