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Anya Seton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Five/Twenty-Seven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the Pessoners, Geoffrey calls the hatred of the duke senseless and unjust. What does Katherine say about that?
(a) She now believes it was God's punishment for her affair with John
(b) Katherine disagrees with Geoffrey because she too, now hates the duke
(c) She completely agrees and wants to find a way to change people's minds.
(d) Katherine feels Geoffrey is being disloyal and unfair

2. The Duke's pious daughter Philippa worries about her father's relationship with Katherine because:
(a) It's not convenient for her
(b) It's embarrassing to her
(c) They live in sin
(d) She fears being beheaded for her father's sins

3. Nirac overhears John's declaration to Katherine. He decides to take matters into his own hands by:
(a) Poisoning Katherine
(b) Poisoning Hugh
(c) Poisoning Costanza
(d) Putting Hugh on the front lines in battle

4. Who was Isolda?
(a) John of Gaunt's sister
(b) John of Gaunt's mother
(c) A mysterious servant who charmed the royals
(d) Alice Perrer's older sister

5. When Katherine reaches Hugh in Aquitaine, he's as ill-tempered as ever. But he softens up when she tells him about:
(a) A new wine venture she has started that's sure to be successful
(b) The money they're making from their estates
(c) A magic potion that will heal him instantly
(d) Their children

Short Answer Questions

1. When Raulin and three men show up to escort Katherine and Hawise to Kettlethorpe, he mentions he has some letters from the duke to be delivered to people in Lincoln. Katherine is disappointed because the letters are not for her, but for:

2. Where does Katherine take Geoffrey to tell him about the guilt she feels and everything she now believes has gone wrong in her life?

3. As Katherine passes the skin market at Danesgate, she sees:

4. To whom is Philippa engaged?

5. What is the main message or theme of this chapter?

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