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Anya Seton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Five/Twenty-Seven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Friar, Brother William, doesn't suspect Katherine of foul play in Hugh's death. Instead, he believes that:
(a) Hugh might have had a heart attack
(b) Hugh died of internal bleeding
(c) Hugh didn't want to live anymore
(d) Hugh's bowel burst

2. Describe Katherine's reaction to the pyx when it passes the Chaucer home?
(a) She's ashamed because she's suddenly in love with Geoffrecy
(b) She's ashamed of herself for wanting to escape marrying Hugh
(c) She's shocked the pyx is so ugly
(d) She's ashamed because she can't remember what the pyx is

3. Also at the House of Commons, Alice Perrers is accused of:
(a) Bribery, fraud, theft, and holding the king with witchcraft
(b) Spying for the Italians
(c) Putting a spell on the Queen
(d) Spying for the Castilians

4. How does Katherine respond to John's amorous declaration?
(a) Hugh is a changed man and she thinks she's in love with him now
(b) She has made a vow to Saint Catherine and she intends to keep it
(c) She no longer feels the same way toward him
(d) She met someone else and is deeply in love with this new man

5. Who does Katherine encounter on the ship to Bordeaux?
(a) Isabel, John's sister
(b) A woman named Blanche with an uncanny resemblance to Katherine
(c) Isolda, John's mother
(d) Gueneviere, John's sister

Short Answer Questions

1. John exits the obligatory mass for Blanche and encounters an angry mob who claim that:

2. On what day of what year does Henry of Bolingbroke get married?

3. How does the duke react to news of Hugh's death?

4. Who, to Katherine's dismay, is in attendance at the ceremony commemorating the death of Blanche, the duke's first wife?

5. Why does Philippa end up sending Katherine to Bolingbroke?

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