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Anya Seton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Five/Twenty-Seven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When John returns to celebrate St. George's Day, what does Katherine find Hawise doing in her bedroom?
(a) Taking a nap in the big bed
(b) Shaking a roawn branch over the bed and muttering a curse hoping that Katherine will no longer conceive
(c) Removing the bed so that John and Katherine cannot conceive
(d) Ironing the bed sheets so they're very crisp

2. The Earl of March envies John, but thinks he has one strength and advantage that John does not:
(a) The Earl is about to father a child who is closer to the throne than any of the Lancaster children
(b) He is a better swordsman
(c) He has fathered many bastard children
(d) He is expecting children with several royal women

3. Who, to Katherine's dismay, is in attendance at the ceremony commemorating the death of Blanche, the duke's first wife?
(a) Costanza, the duke's current wife
(b) Geoffrey Chaucer's father, who is very ill with the black plague
(c) Costanza's mother, a very bothersome woman
(d) Blanche's ghost, whom everyone can see

4. Guy Pessoner visits Katherine and tells her that the king, Princess Joan, the archbishop, the treasurer, and a few other lords have hidden themselves in the tower because:
(a) The king needs help getting over his fear of heights
(b) The mobs of peasants, angry over the tax poll and feudalism, are after them
(c) The king feels he's neglected the tower and wants to revisit it
(d) The king and his coterie enjoy literally looking down on the peasants

5. Whose husband leads the angry mob?
(a) Jack, Hawise's husband
(b) Costanza's husband, the duke
(c) Philippa's husband, Geoffrey
(d) Emma's husband, Guy le Pessoner

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Roger DeCheyne ask Katherine for?

2. What does Katherine find at the duke's gatehouse that brands him a traitor?

3. How does the sword fight between Hugh and Roger end?

4. Robin, playing the Lord of Misrule, shouts "Now shall each man kiss the lady of his heart!" He then kisses:

5. On what day of what year does Henry of Bolingbroke get married?

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