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Anya Seton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Five/Twenty-Seven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Nirac, the duke's loyal servant, decide to guard Katherine with his life?
(a) He thinks he's in love with Katherine
(b) He has nothing else to do
(c) He thinks Katherine and the duke are in a serious romantic relationship
(d) The Duke threatens him if he doesn't

2. What does Brother William say John Ball is now preaching to the serfs?
(a) They should join him in his chase after the duke in Scotland
(b) They should move to foreign countries and experience other cultures
(c) They want equal status and freedom with all men
(d) They should convert to Catholicism

3. Why does John turn down the idea that he should stay in Scotland because the people here love him and will likely give him an army?
(a) John confesses he doesn't like the Scots
(b) John says he's not a traitor and stands by his king
(c) He cannot be without Katherine
(d) John confesses he can't communicate with the Scots because of their accent

4. Whose husband leads the angry mob?
(a) Costanza's husband, the duke
(b) Jack, Hawise's husband
(c) Philippa's husband, Geoffrey
(d) Emma's husband, Guy le Pessoner

5. Why does Katherine not hesitate to go into the plague-contaminated Bolingbroke?
(a) She wears a special mask that makes her immune
(b) She is a hot-headed stubborn woman who does whatever she wants
(c) She is immune to the plague
(d) Two sorcerers accompany her

Short Answer Questions

1. Katherine goes back to the Pessoners' and asks Hawise to:

2. King Richard rides right up the front line of rebels and tells them that he is now their leader as they wished him to be. How do the rebels react?

3. All of the duke's men are happy except for Baron de la Pole. The Baron gets sent away for openly expressing his concerns to the duke. On his way to Havering, he meets Brother William Appleton who tells him something interesting about the duke. What does he tell Baron?

4. What does Katherine try to prevent the servants from doing shortly before she gives birth?

5. What is the Captal's opinion of Katherine?

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