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Anya Seton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Five/Twenty-Three.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Katherine passes the skin market at Danesgate, she sees:
(a) Philippa
(b) Costanza
(c) A nun from the convent
(d) Alice Perrers

2. Why is Costanza eager to make a pilgrimage to Canterbury?
(a) She hopes St. Thomas will help her get more sleep
(b) She hopes St. Thomas will make her beautiful, like Katherine
(c) She hopes St. Thomas will help her become more fertile
(d) She hopes St. Thomas will make Katherine magically disappear

3. The meeting of the House of Commons yields several major accusations. The King's chamberlain, Lord Latimer, is accused of:
(a) Impersonating the king
(b) Corruption and treason
(c) Trying to seize the throne
(d) Stealing from the poor and giving to the rich

4. Why does Nirac, the duke's loyal servant, decide to guard Katherine with his life?
(a) He thinks he's in love with Katherine
(b) He thinks Katherine and the duke are in a serious romantic relationship
(c) The Duke threatens him if he doesn't
(d) He has nothing else to do

5. Katherine receives a letter from the duke in which he requests she bring his daughter Philippa to Savoy for what reason?
(a) To discuss marriage negotiations
(b) Costanza likes her and wants her at Savoy
(c) He wants to tell her in person that she's going to a convent
(d) He wants to find a good university for her

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Philippa call an "ill-tempered virgin"?

2. With whom does Katherine form a lifelong friendship when she is at the Pessoner home?

3. What illness does Nichola, Hugh's stepmother, have?

4. What does John realize is causing his insanity?

5. What worries Katherine when she learns that both Trastamare and King Charles of France have died?

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