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Anya Seton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Five/Twenty-Seven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Katherine goes to the Chapel to visit Blanches' body and finds the duke there. What does he tell her?
(a) He's giving Bolingbroke to the convent
(b) To stay until he feels better
(c) He wishes he had caught the Plague so he could be dead with Blanche
(d) To leave

2. The Duke challenges Percy to mortal combat. Who shows up to fight him?
(a) No one, John stands in a field waiting and waiting
(b) Percy of Northumberland, as promised
(c) Percy's son, Little Hotspur
(d) A mob of angry peasants

3. How does John suddenly strengthen his political position?
(a) He gives Costanza the freedom to divorce him if she wants
(b) He reverses the measures the Parliament recently passed, he frees Alice Perrers and prisoners sentenced by the House of Commons
(c) He changes the law so all couples can live in sin
(d) He vows to give England to Castile

4. Katherine soon discovers the real reason she has been called upon:
(a) The Duke is making arrangements to send her back to the convent
(b) The Duke wants to banish her from England
(c) The Duke suspects her of killing Blanche
(d) The Duke wants to declare his love for her

5. What is the main message or theme of this chapter?
(a) That love conquers all.
(b) If you're powerful, you will go crazy.
(c) That when you're stressed out, it's good to rest and wake up hungry
(d) Always question who your parents are.

Short Answer Questions

1. Suddenly, Blanchette becomes ill for a month. Who looks after her during her illness?

2. To whom do the king and John pledge their allegiance when the Old King dies?

3. Who prevents Nichola from drowning the newborn baby?

4. How does the duke react to news of Hugh's death?

5. What does Geoffrey Chaucer feel about Katherine's relationship with John?

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