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Anya Seton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Five/Twenty-Eight.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After reversing the Parliament's measures, John still has two significant enemies:
(a) The King and the Prince of Wales
(b) Isolda and Pieter
(c) The Earl of March and Bishop Courtenay of London
(d) Katherine and Costanza

2. Although Wat the tiler dresses up for his meeting with the king and tries to befriend the king, the king's squire calls Wat, "the greatest knave and robber in all Kent" because he shows no respect for the king. What happens to Wat after the squire's statement?
(a) The king slaps Wat and tells him to kneel on the ground before him
(b) He gets killed by the king's men
(c) The king tells his squire he is greatly mistaken, then fires his squire
(d) Nothing. Everyone, including the king, ignores the squire

3. Where does Katherine feel she should now return?
(a) Swynford, her husband's home
(b) Sheppey, the convent
(c) Scotland
(d) Savoy, to rebuild it

4. What controversial statement does John Wyclef make about the sacredness of Mass?
(a) The wine and the wafer are mere symbols, not the actual body and blood of Christ
(b) That the wine and the wafer are really the body and blood of the Virgin Mary
(c) That it should not be held on Sundays, but on Wednesdays
(d) That the wine and the wafer should be replaced by brandy and cake

5. Katherine reaches Blanche just in time to:
(a) Get a blessing to have an affair with the duke
(b) Get a judge to annul Blanche's marriage to the duke
(c) Hear Blanche tell her that the duke is not who she thinks he is
(d) Get a priest to administer last rites

Short Answer Questions

1. What does John realize is causing his insanity?

2. Despite telling the Captal that he only loves Katherine, what must John do?

3. After signing truce agreements with Scotland, the duke suddenly learns he cannot:

4. In a conversation with Brother William, what does Katherine discover about the preacher John Ball?

5. In addition to dystentery, what else plagues Hugh?

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