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Anya Seton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Five/Twenty-Eight.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Parliament, the king seems to be interested only in:
(a) Having lunch with Alice Perrers
(b) Getting a measure passed for the hanging of Alice Perrers
(c) Taking a nap after the session
(d) The way he is dressed

2. What does Roger DeCheyne ask Katherine for?
(a) A promise to leave Hugh if he wins the joust
(b) A blessing before battle
(c) A token for luck
(d) A big wet kiss

3. To whom do the king and John pledge their allegiance when the Old King dies?
(a) The Earl of March
(b) The Earl of Sussex
(c) Brother William, friar
(d) Richard, the Prince of Wales's son

4. What does Katherine try to prevent the servants from doing shortly before she gives birth?
(a) Building a new wing on the house for the new baby
(b) Attending a wine festival
(c) Participating in a pagan ritual that involves sacrificing animals and drinking heavily
(d) Cooking anything with lamb in it

5. Robin, playing the Lord of Misrule, shouts "Now shall each man kiss the lady of his heart!" He then kisses:
(a) Princess Joan
(b) Philippa
(c) Katherine
(d) Eleanor

Short Answer Questions

1. Nirac's feelings toward Katherine go from loyalty to hatred. Resigned that he'll never be greatly admired by John, what does he do?

2. Where does Katherine feel she should now return?

3. What keeps Katherine from going to Bolingbroke sooner?

4. What does John realize is causing his insanity?

5. Despite telling the Captal that he only loves Katherine, what must John do?

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