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Anya Seton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Five/Twenty-Eight.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who offers to take a message to the king on John's behalf?
(a) Percy of Northumberland
(b) Robert Sutton
(c) Costanza, Queen of Castile
(d) Baron de la Pole

2. Who, to Katherine's dismay, is in attendance at the ceremony commemorating the death of Blanche, the duke's first wife?
(a) Geoffrey Chaucer's father, who is very ill with the black plague
(b) Costanza's mother, a very bothersome woman
(c) Costanza, the duke's current wife
(d) Blanche's ghost, whom everyone can see

3. What does Katherine tell John when she returns to Bordeaux?
(a) She fell in love with Nirac and they are eloping
(b) She's pregnant with his child
(c) She feels she's still married to Hugh and cannot be unfaithful to his memory
(d) She has changed her mind and wants to become a nun

4. How does Katherine know the plague has contaminated Bolingbroke when she arrives?
(a) She sees a 4-foot high red cross painted at the bottom of the drawbridge
(b) She sees a 10-foot high black cross hanging from the entry
(c) She sees servants' heads on pikes, the universal plague warning
(d) Hugh comes rushing after her and tells her the news

5. Who orders Katherine to Kennington?
(a) Hawise
(b) The King
(c) The Duke
(d) Princess Joan, John's sister and mother of Prince Richard

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Katherine find at the duke's gatehouse that brands him a traitor?

2. Whose life does Katherine save during the king's visit?

3. How does Cob manage to gain entry for himself and Katherine into the Pessoners' home?

4. Who helps Katherine deliver her baby?

5. At one point, Cob whispers to himself: "I didn't rightly believe 'twould ever happen." What did he not believe would happen?

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