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Anya Seton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Five/Twenty-Eight.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Katherine stays in a pilgrim hotel in Waltham. She hears the king will be arriving and hopes:
(a) That he has seen Blanchette
(b) That the Duke of Lancaster will be with him
(c) That he doesn't recognize her
(d) That he will bring her back into the royal fold

2. In a conversation with Brother William, what does Katherine discover about the preacher John Ball?
(a) He was released from prison for good behavior and is running for a seat in the House of Commons
(b) He has been released from prison and is starting riots in Kent
(c) He has escaped the salt mines in Russia and is on his way to Scotland
(d) He has given up inciting riots and is just planning to assassinate the duke in Scotland

3. Katherine tries to get John to reveal the root of his fear. When he feels he can completely trust her with what is troubling him, he says her:
(a) That she frightens him more than anyone
(b) He hears witchcraft and that he thinks Pieter has cast a spell on him
(c) He knows exactly what the problem is and that he wants her to leave him alone
(d) That she's not a mental health expert and she needs to leave him alone

4. What does John discover upon his return to England?
(a) The street names have changed and he's very confused
(b) Katherine took all of the family jewelry before leaving Savoy, now in ruins
(c) Katherine is in the castle tower and refuses to see anyone, including him
(d) Savoy was destroyed and Katherine isn't there

5. What does Katherine tell Hugh before he leaves for war?
(a) He must stop at the Lancaster estate for a blessing first
(b) That she's pregnant
(c) She's leaving him and not to look for her
(d) She has discovered that she cannot have children

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Costanza while the duke and Katherine publicly travel around England together?

2. Katherine goes back to the Pessoners' and asks Hawise to:

3. John has a dream in which he "felt the touch of the sacred oil as the archbishop anointed him and he had felt, vivid as in waking, the holy pressure" of a certain country's crown. What country's crown?

4. Who orders Katherine to Kennington?

5. When Raulin and three men show up to escort Katherine and Hawise to Kettlethorpe, he mentions he has some letters from the duke to be delivered to people in Lincoln. Katherine is disappointed because the letters are not for her, but for:

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