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Anya Seton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two/Twelve.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Katherine goes back to the Pessoners' and asks Hawise to:
(a) Attend mass with her
(b) Sew a really nice dress for her
(c) Serve as her personal chef
(d) Serve as her maid

2. Once Katherine is resigned to marrying Hugh, what does she give him?
(a) Nothing because he doesn't need any lucky tokens
(b) A bible
(c) A suit of armor
(d) A piece of her sleeve to wear in the upcoming joust

3. Why is Hugh confident he'll return by May?
(a) His contract prevents him from fighting any longer
(b) He's certain that the Castilians can't fight in warmer weather
(c) He went to a fortune teller who said that the Castilians won't last long
(d) He's certain that it won't take long to beat

4. Why does Katherine not hesitate to go into the plague-contaminated Bolingbroke?
(a) She is immune to the plague
(b) She wears a special mask that makes her immune
(c) Two sorcerers accompany her
(d) She is a hot-headed stubborn woman who does whatever she wants

5. To whom is Hugh indebted?
(a) Alice Perrers
(b) The King
(c) Geoffrey Chaucer
(d) John of Gaunt, the Duke of Lancaster

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Bolingbroke, the home of the Lancasters, compare with Kettlethorpe?

2. Initially, John tells Katherine he has called for her because:

3. How does the sword fight between Hugh and Roger end?

4. What does Katherine tell Hugh before he leaves for war?

5. Why does Katherine find Philippa's letter so upsetting?

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