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Anya Seton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Four/Twenty.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Katherine know the plague has contaminated Bolingbroke when she arrives?
(a) She sees servants' heads on pikes, the universal plague warning
(b) She sees a 4-foot high red cross painted at the bottom of the drawbridge
(c) Hugh comes rushing after her and tells her the news
(d) She sees a 10-foot high black cross hanging from the entry

2. Why does Katherine find Philippa's letter so upsetting?
(a) Philippa says Katherine is a bad person who deserves an equally bad husband
(b) Philippa assumes that Katherine is living in great comfort and luxury
(c) Philippa preaches to her about childbearing
(d) Philippa refuses to visit her

3. How does Nirac describe Costanza's appearance?
(a) Exquisite, voluptuous, dressed in the most beautiful dresses
(b) Plain and forgetful
(c) So repulsive that it would be best to look elsewhere in her presence
(d) Shabby, bony, flat-chested with a hair shirt to remind her of her father

4. To whom do the king and John pledge their allegiance when the Old King dies?
(a) The Earl of Sussex
(b) Brother William, friar
(c) The Earl of March
(d) Richard, the Prince of Wales's son

5. The meeting of the House of Commons yields several major accusations. The King's chamberlain, Lord Latimer, is accused of:
(a) Stealing from the poor and giving to the rich
(b) Corruption and treason
(c) Impersonating the king
(d) Trying to seize the throne

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Hugh confident he'll return by May?

2. Katherine manages to stop the duke on his rampage by telling him she no longer wears his ring because:

3. Why does Katherine not hesitate to go into the plague-contaminated Bolingbroke?

4. What does John realize is causing his insanity?

5. What is the main message or theme of this chapter?

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