Objects & Places from Katherine

Anya Seton
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The convent where Katherine Roet lived until she was sixteen.


The home of Sir Hugh Swynford and Lady Katherine Swynford. Originally dilapidated and badly neglected, Katherine renovates it and brings it back to life shortly after moving in.

Savoy Castle

The main castle in London where the Duke of Lancaster resided.


A region in France, sometimes controlled by England. Katherine goes there on orders from the Duke of Lancaster, ostensibly to care for her ailing husband in battle.


A region in Spain, the birthplace of Costanza of Castile, a battleground for the conflict between England and France.


The birthplace home of Blanche, Duchess of Lancaster. A beautiful, lively place with many great memories for Blanche.


The region in England where Kettlethorpe is located.

Windsor Castle

Home to King Edward and Queen Joan.

Waltham Abbey

The church with the black marble cross where...

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