Objects & Places from Katherine

Anya Seton
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Shippey - The convent where Katherine Roet lived until she was sixteen.

Kettlethorpe - The home of Sir Hugh Swynford and Lady Katherine Swynford. Originally dilapidated and badly neglected, Katherine renovates it and brings it back to life shortly after moving in.

Savoy Castle - The main castle in London where the Duke of Lancaster resided.

Aquitaine - A region in France, sometimes controlled by England. Katherine goes there on orders from the Duke of Lancaster, ostensibly to care for her ailing husband in battle.

Castile - A region in Spain, the birthplace of Costanza of Castile, a battleground for the conflict between England and France.

Bolingbroke - The birthplace home of Blanche, Duchess of Lancaster. A beautiful, lively place with many great memories for Blanche.

Lincolnshire - The region in England where Kettlethorpe is located.

Windsor Castle - Home to King Edward and Queen Joan.


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