Daily Lessons for Teaching Katherine

Anya Seton
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Lesson 1 (from Part One 1336-1337/One | Part One 1336-1337/Two)


When we first meet Katherine, she's an innocent and naive sixteen-year-old girl who has been living in a convent for five years. She's optimistic, excited and curious about the outside world. But shortly after she exits Shippey Priory, she meets the crude Long Will, and encounters curious and foul-mouthed townsfolk. In the following exercises, we'll explore Katherine's beginnings and how they shape her.


1. Homework: Students will research convents and monasteries and write one paragraph about what each of these institutions is. Following with a short essay, each student will imagine what life would be like for five years and what their reactions might be to rejoining their families who have been living in the outside world during their absence.

2. Class discussion: What are the pros and cons of being educated in as secluded environment as a convent?

3. Homework: At this early point in the story...

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