Katherine Character Descriptions

Anya Seton
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Katherine Roet Swynford

The main character in this story, she was the daughter of a herald who had just become knighted before he died. She later married Sir Hugh Swynford and was mistress to the Duke of Lancaster for many years, bearing his four children in addition to the two she had with Hugh Swynford. She eventually married the Duke of Lancaster and became the Duchess of Lancaster. She is portrayed as a lovely-spirited, if tormented person whose religious background is at odds with her love for the man she cannot marry but whose four children she bears.

John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster

Third son of King Edward, this man became the Duke of Lancaster through his marriage to Blanche of Lancaster. He never achieved the victories he imagined, but was a stalwart servant of England all his life. His religious opinions were in line with John...

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