Katherine Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Anya Seton
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Part One 1336-1337/One | Part One 1336-1337/Two

• The extremely beautiful and innocent sixteen-year-old Katherine Roet leaves the Sheppey Priory, a convent where she has lived for the past five years.

• Katherine travels to the Queen's Court where her older sister Philippa has been in service to the queen.

• Katherine arrives at Windsor Castle where she is cleaned up, dressed up, and presented to the royal court. She also discovers that her sister is engaged to the writer Geoffrey Chaucer.

• The queen is not well enough to receive Katherine. She discovers that Alice Perrers is the king's mistress, and despite any royal power, she sits next to him in the court and holds considerable sway over him.

• Katherine meets the duke of Lancaster and his wife Blanche, who arrive to a standing reception.

Part One 1336-1337/Three | Part One 1336-1337/Four

• The duke's men laugh at Hugh Swynford...

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