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Gichin Funakoshi
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many rules were essential to understanding Karate-do?
(a) 5.
(b) 6.
(c) 2.
(d) 3.

2. What was deadly serious where an opponent must always be in one's mind to survive and avoid failure?
(a) Training.
(b) Fighting.
(c) Avoiding.
(d) Winning.

3. What was Gichin's wife sick from?
(a) Gall bladder.
(b) Chronic asthma.
(c) Stomach infection.
(d) Heart disease.

4. What is the Japanese word for knapsack?
(a) Druta.
(b) Kata.
(c) Furoshiki.
(d) Yugoshi.

5. Why was Gichin ashamed of himself after confronting the thief?
(a) Giving up so quickly.
(b) Needing the help of the police.
(c) Taking the offensive.
(d) Losing to a thief.

6. What made kata similar to dance?
(a) Shape.
(b) Speed.
(c) Grace.
(d) Smoothness.

7. Despite fears of war, where did Japan remain peaceful?
(a) Kyoto and Suri.
(b) Manchuria and Mongolia.
(c) Shuri and Nua.
(d) Okinawa and Kyushu.

8. Gichin was on the faculty of a school near what?
(a) Shaka.
(b) Jinriksha.
(c) Naha.
(d) Senno.

9. What earthquake struck on September 1, 1923?
(a) Hiromichi.
(b) Grand Kanto.
(c) Shoto-kan.
(d) Onishiki.

10. What were the police afraid would happen with karate students?
(a) They beat the police.
(b) They fight all the time.
(c) They win by default.
(d) They form hoodlum gangs.

11. What did karate teach women?
(a) Argumentation.
(b) Self-defense.
(c) Violence.
(d) Aggression.

12. What was the Okinawan dormitory that Gichin stayed at?
(a) Jigoro Kano.
(b) Shinkin Gima.
(c) Meisei Juku.
(d) Kano Rudo.

13. Gichin urged students to practice what in public and private daily life?
(a) Speaking.
(b) Ethics.
(c) Kindness.
(d) Fighting.

14. Who began to join the karate dojo when Gichin was 80?
(a) Ministers.
(b) Women.
(c) Children.
(d) Lawyers.

15. Who was the naval man that became a student of Gichin?
(a) Isamu.
(b) Onishiki.
(c) Rokuro.
(d) Azato.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did karate training require as a student progressed levels?

2. Gichin urged karate students to train with the eyes of what?

3. What did the person Gichin met in Tokyo want from him?

4. What did Gichin compare a man's body to?

5. What Judo master asked Gichin to teach him some basic kata?

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