Karate-Do: My Way of Life Fun Activities

Gichin Funakoshi
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Create a journal from the point of view of Azato.


Recreate your own dojo, dressing up in karate apparel and decorating it with accessories.

Movie Viewing

Watch a karate movie and compare the moves you see with the book.


The painter Hoan Kosugi was well known during his time period. Do some research and find some examples of his beautiful designs. How are they traditional? How are they original?


Sketch your favorite scene from the book, using details in the text and in the illustrations.

Road Map

Make a road map of Gichin's journey through the story, including all the destinations he goes to and all the people he meets.

Dramatic Style

Search for literature that has a similar dramatic style to one of the chapters of this book.

Nukite Exploration

Do some research and find examples of nukite. Compare your findings with what...

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