Karate-Do: My Way of Life Character Descriptions

Gichin Funakoshi
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Gichin Funakoshi

This individual promotes karate-do, wears the Samurai topknot hairstyle, and has impeccable integrity. He is also the author of the book.

Yasutsune Azato

This is one of Okinawa's greatest karate experts who teaches the author the sport at night.

Yasutsune Itosu

This is another karate master who teaches how to avoid confrontation and is dead when Shoto-kan opens.

Master Matsumura

This is another karate master who duels an engraver by merely staring at the person's eyes.

Gichin's wife

This individual is a devout Buddhist who is a supportive spouse and dies from chronic asthma.

Shintaro Ogawa

This individual writes a report that popularizes karate as a physical education course.


This individual is a karate and stick-fighting expert who embodies the Samurai spirit.

Jigoro Kano

This individual is a judo master in Tokyo.

Huan Kosugi

This individual is a painter and designs a beautiful reference book...

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