Kant: A Very Short Introduction Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Roger Scruton
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Essay Topic 1

Describe Kant's early life. Why was it rare for him to attend school? Describe the quality of his education.

Essay Topic 2

Why was Kant considered to be so eccentric? What were his thoughts and reasons on the subject?

Essay Topic 3

How did Descartes and the problem of objective knowledge influence Kant?

Essay Topic 4

Compare and contrast the beliefs about reason held by Leibniz, Hume, and Kant.

Essay Topic 5

Describe the difference between analytic and synthetic truths and provide an example of each.

Essay Topic 6

Describe Kant's fundamental question of metaphysics. What was Kant's subjective argument? What was his objective argument?

Essay Topic 7

What are phenomena and noumena? What is the difference between the two concepts? How are they related?

Essay Topic 8

Describe Kant's opinions about religion. Which theory did he find most attractive, and why? Why did Kant want to prove that the soul existed? How...

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