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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who bought six percent of the shares in William's bank?
(a) Abel.
(b) Henry.
(c) Kate.
(d) Thaddeus.

2. On what street is the New York Florentyna's?
(a) Broadway.
(b) Fifth Avenue.
(c) Wall Street.
(d) 42nd Street.

3. Who begins traveling with Abel when he returns from war?
(a) Florentyna.
(b) George.
(c) Zaphia.
(d) Henry.

4. Who does Abel decide to pay $1 million to buy his shares in William's bank?
(a) Charles Lester.
(b) Ted Leach.
(c) Susan Lester.
(d) Peter Parfitt.

5. What is William's first son's middle name?
(a) Kane.
(b) William.
(c) Higginson.
(d) Richard.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has Abel investigated after the airline crash?

2. What item does Abel wear that allows William to recognize him?

3. In which department do Florentyna and her partner begin working?

4. Who tells William of Matthew's illness?

5. Who does Abel ask for a political appointment as Polish Ambassador?

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