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The Koskiewicz Cottage - This is the home where baby Wladek is reared for the first years of his life.

The Red House - Located in a prominent Boston neighborhood, this is home to the Kane family.

The Baron's Castle - This becomes home to young Wladek and eventually becomes his prison when captured by Germans.

The Ritz Hotel - This is where Anne and William learn of Richard's death on the Titanic.

St. Paul's Prep School - This is where William meets his best friend.

Camp 201 - This is where Polish prisoners of war are taken.

The Renska - This is where Wladek hitches a ride out of Russia.

Polish Consulate - This is where Wladek stays while deciding where he wanted to make a new start.

The Black Arrow - Wladek loses his virginity on a raft on this ship.

New York's Plaza Hotel -...

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