Kane and Abel Character Descriptions

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Baron Abel Rosnovski - This character was born in the Polish forest to a mother who died in childbirth.

William Kane - This character lost his father at a young age and used his ambition to help hide his grief.

Richard Kane - This character is interested in playing cello and baseball.

Florentyna Rosnovski - This character insisted on using a fake name for work to ensure every promotion given was earned by merit.

Baron Rosnovski - This character's single nipple offered proof of his fatherhood.

Richard Kane, the elder - This character's first love was banking. Family was second place.

Helena Koskiewicz - This is a God-fearing character who always sees a bright side to situations.

George Novak - This character is the antagonists' trusted friend.

Anne Kane - This character made a bad marriage decision that jeopardized relationships within the family and cost the family...

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