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Part 1, 1906-1923, Chapters 1-4

• A young hunter finds a woman who has given birth alone in the forest. The baby begins crying when it hits the ground and the mother dies.

• The hunter takes the baby home to his mother.

• Helena, the hunter's mother, takes care of the baby. Since she has a six-month old baby herself, she is able to breastfeed the new baby boy as well.

• On the same day, a baby boy is born in a Boston hospital and begins crying when its bottom is slapped by the doctor.

• When doctors ask the father if he has a name picked out, he promptly answers William Lowell Kane.
• In Chapter 3, Jasio discovers that the orphan baby has only one nipple. Helena insists the absence is a sign from God. Jasio says it is the mark of the biological father's bad blood.

• When the mother and children...

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