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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does this lumberjack cut down such an enormous tree?
(a) He turns into a huge, armor clad warrior.
(b) He calls a team of lumberjacks.
(c) He pulls the tree up with his bare hands.
(d) He summons a team of beavers.

2. Who cuts down the tree Vainamoinen plants?
(a) Louhi.
(b) Lemminkainen.
(c) A very small man.
(d) Two farmers.

3. What name is the Water-Mother given?
(a) Louhi.
(b) Ilmatar.
(c) Earth Mother.
(d) The Maid of Pohja.

4. What does Joukahainen shoot at Vainamoinen with?
(a) A crossbow with poisoned arrows.
(b) A cannon.
(c) A rifle.
(d) A pistol.

5. What does the Maid of Pohja say when she hears that Vainamoinen has arrived at the end of his journey?
(a) She tells Vainamoinen that he is too old for her to marry.
(b) She says that she would be honored to marry Vainamoinen,
(c) She says that she does not like sailors and will not marry Vainamoinen.
(d) She says that her father has forbidden her to marry Vainamoinen.

Short Answer Questions

1. What condition is the Water-Mother trying to find relief from?

2. When Vainamoinen's finally arrives at his destination, how is his arrival first announced?

3. What does the water mother's baby do when he is born?

4. What does Lemminkainen do to press his suit?

5. What does Lemmenkainen demand of Louhi after he banishes the storytellers?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Vainamoinen convince Ilmarinen to help him steal the Sampo in Pohja?

2. How does Marjetta lose and then find her baby?

3. How do Vainamoinen and Ilmarinen liberate the sun and moon from the cave?

4. What do Marjetta's parents do when Marjetta gets pregnant?

5. What happens when the Daughter of the Air comes to earth?

6. What happens after Vainamoinen is rescued by the eagle?

7. What do the people tell the Maid of Pohja about marriage?

8. What happens when Lemminkainen happens upon the home of Louhi on his way to Pohja?

9. How is Lemminkainen entertained at the wedding?

10. Who tries to play the kantele Vainamoinen makes?

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