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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Joukahainen do when he meets Vainamoinen?
(a) He challenges Vainamoinen to a storytelling contest.
(b) He challenges Vainamoinen to a javelin contest.
(c) He challenges Vainamoinen to a wrestling match.
(d) He challenges Vainamoinen to a race.

2. How does this lumberjack cut down such an enormous tree?
(a) He turns into a huge, armor clad warrior.
(b) He pulls the tree up with his bare hands.
(c) He calls a team of lumberjacks.
(d) He summons a team of beavers.

3. When Vainamoinen's finally arrives at his destination, how is his arrival first announced?
(a) He appears in court.
(b) His fighting with Ilmarinen can be heard in advance of their arrival.
(c) He announces themselves on the shore.
(d) Watchdogs bark at him

4. Where does the Storyteller get his story?
(a) From his children.
(b) From a bird.
(c) From his parents.
(d) From the ocean.

5. What is happening when the Water-Mother experiences an upsurge of energy?
(a) The small bird's eggs are hatching on her knee.
(b) Lemminkainen is being born.
(c) Monsters are swallowing the sun.
(d) The Maid of Pohja is singing to her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which tree does Vainamoinen leave standing?

2. Where does the eagle take Vainamoinen when it rescues him?

3. What does the Maid of Pohja say when she hears that Vainamoinen has arrived at the end of his journey?

4. What happens when the eagle drops Vainamoinen?

5. What occasion marks the end of Lemminkainen and Kyllikki's happiness?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Joukahainen's mother and sister feel about the deal Joukahainen struck with Vainamoinen?

2. What reputation does Vainamoinen acquire over time?

3. What happens after Vainamoinen tells the old man the story of the iron?

4. What does the Maid of Pohja dream, and what does her dream signify?

5. How does Marjetta lose and then find her baby?

6. What happens when Vainamoinen tries to help the oak grow?

7. What does the storyteller describe in the introductory stanzas?

8. Who tries to play the kantele Vainamoinen makes?

9. How does Ilmarinen end up with another of Louhi's daughters?

10. Why does Vainamoinen go down to the underworld?

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