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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Vainamoinen thinking about when the eagle rescues him?
(a) He is thinking about hoe to get revenge on Joukahainen.
(b) He is thinking about what he will tell his mother now.
(c) He is wondering what form he will find Aino in.
(d) He thinks about making the ocean his home.

2. Why does Annikki tell Ilmarinen where Vainamoinen is sailing?
(a) She wants to set up a meeting between Ilmarinen and Vainamoinen.
(b) She wants to make sure that Vainamoinen does not reveal Ilmarinen's secrets.
(c) She wants Ilmarinen to get his revenge on Vainamoinen.
(d) She wants Ilmarinen to marry the maid of Pohja.

3. What does the water mother's baby do when he is born?
(a) Conquers his father's henchmen.
(b) Looks for someone to sow seeds in the land.
(c) Looks for his father.
(d) Looks for a place to build a castle.

4. To whom does the little maid recount what she hears from Vainamoinen?
(a) Aino.
(b) Joukahainen.
(c) Louhi.
(d) Aino's mother.

5. Which tree agrees to Sampsa's proposal to cut the tree down?
(a) A fir.
(b) A cedar.
(c) A spruce.
(d) An oak.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when the eagle drops Vainamoinen?

2. Where does Vainamoinen plant his tree?

3. How does Aino's mother console her when Aino is crying about marrying Vainamoinen?

4. What gift does Joukahainen offer that finally convinces Vainamoinen to let him go free?

5. What does Vainamoinen do when he agrees to take what Joukahainen offers?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Vainamoinen make pearls by playing the kantele?

2. Who tries to play the kantele Vainamoinen makes?

3. What does Vainamoinen suggest when the Old Man says that Marjetta's son must be tested before he can be baptized?

4. What does the Maid of Pohja dream, and what does her dream signify?

5. How does Marjetta lose and then find her baby?

6. How does Ilmarinen fix the destruction caused by the light the Creator sent down to earth when the sun and moon were stolen?

7. How do Joukahainen's mother and sister feel about the deal Joukahainen struck with Vainamoinen?

8. What does the storyteller describe in the introductory stanzas?

9. Describe Lemminkainen and Kyllikki's arrival at Lemminkainen's home.

10. What happens after Kullervo slaughters Untamo's family?`

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