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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Vainamoinen build to convince Vipunen to tell him what he wants to know?
(a) A grinder.
(b) A hovel.
(c) A castle.
(d) A forge.

2. What does Joukahainen's mother tell him about shooting Vainamoinen?
(a) She tells him the secret of Vainamoinen's vulnerability.
(b) She tells him not to do it.
(c) She tells him where to find him.
(d) She tells him where to aim.

3. What does Louhi ask from Vainamoinen in return for her help?
(a) She asks him to tame the man-eating horses.
(b) She asks him to ride a magic horse.
(c) She asks him to marry her daughter.
(d) She asks him to build a grinder.

4. What does Joukahainen offer Vainamoinen after Vainamoinen listens to his story?
(a) Jewels and gold.
(b) His life.
(c) Gold, horses, and armor.
(d) Magic cloaks and swords.

5. Which tree does Vainamoinen leave standing?
(a) The birch.
(b) The laurel.
(c) The aspen.
(d) The oak.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the person who comes to meet Vainamoinen say that Vainamoinen's purpose is when he arrives back home?

2. When Vainamoinen's finally arrives at his destination, how is his arrival first announced?

3. Why does Vipunen ultimately tell Vainamoinen what he wants to know?

4. What does Louhi do when she finds Vainamoinen?

5. What is happening when the Water-Mother experiences an upsurge of energy?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Joukahainen finally spots Vainamoinen crossing the ocean?

2. How does Vainamoinen make pearls by playing the kantele?

3. What happens when Vainamoinen tells Aino to wear jewelry?

4. How does Louhi get revenge for the loss of the Sampo?

5. What do the people tell the Maid of Pohja about marriage?

6. What kind of stories does Joukahainen tell?

7. Describe Lemminkainen's elk hunt.

8. Describe how Vainamoinen and Ilmarinen court the Maid of Pohja.

9. What happens when Lemminkainen decides to go to the wedding?

10. What happens after Vainamoinen refuses to cease working at his blacksmith's shop inside of Vipunen?

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