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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do people respond to Vainamoinen's singing?
(a) They go into a frenzy.
(b) They begin to weep.
(c) They sing his songs to their children.
(d) They go to their homes.

2. What do Vainamoinen and his people do with the beast(s) Louhi sends to attack them?
(a) They kill the bear and eat it.
(b) They tame the dog and teach it to hunt.
(c) They kill the crows with stones.
(d) They capture the bees in trees and make mead from their honey.

3. Who helps the young maiden brew beer?
(a) Ilmarinen.
(b) Louhi.
(c) A bear and a bee.
(d) The Maid of Pohja.

4. Who does Kullervo seduce on his way back from a financial errand?
(a) Annikki.
(b) Louhi.
(c) The Daughter of Louhi.
(d) His sister.

5. What does Louhi see Ilmarinen making that causes her to set her prisoners free?
(a) A poison sweetbread for her.
(b) A magic sword to kill her.
(c) A collar and chains to bind her.
(d) A woman to replace her.

6. What does the character do who is not welcome at the wedding?
(a) He threatens Vainamoinen with violence.
(b) He complains to Vainamoinen.
(c) He gets angry and prepares to go away.
(d) He makes a scene by telling ominous stories.

7. What do Vainamoinen and Ilmarinen encounter on their way to Pohja?
(a) Louhi.
(b) A boat.
(c) A seagull.
(d) An army.

8. Where does Ilmarinen go to make himself a new wife?
(a) The kitchen.
(b) The forge.
(c) The forest.
(d) The ocean.

9. Whose praises does Vainamoinen sing at Ilmarinen's home?
(a) The Maid of Pohja's.
(b) Lokka's.
(c) Ilmarinen's.
(d) His own.

10. How does Vainamoinen keep Louhi and her soldiers from catching up with him and Lemminkainen and Ilmarinen?
(a) He tricks them into going the wrong direction.
(b) He kills them with his sword.
(c) He sings them to sleep.
(d) He conjures a reef on which their ship wrecks.

11. What does Lemminkainen's mother warn him about when he is preparing to go away?
(a) The insult he is giving to Vainamoinen.
(b) The danger of his absence in his father's illness.
(c) The dangers he will face on his journey.
(d) The possibility that he will never return.

12. What do Lemminkainen, Ilmarinen, and the oarsmen and maidens propose to do with the thing Vainamoinen makes from the pike?
(a) Throw it into the sea.
(b) Brew beer with it.
(c) Use it to trap Louhi's daughters.
(d) Set it on fire.

13. Where does Lemminkainen hide after the wedding feast?
(a) In a closet off of of his mother's kitchen.
(b) On an island of women.
(c) In a chest in his mother's bedroom.
(d) In a new country to the west.

14. What does Kullervo's mother tell him after she hears about the woman he seduced?
(a) She tells him to go away.
(b) She tells him to take the girl to Untamo.
(c) She tells him to marry the girl.
(d) She tells him to introduce her to the girl's parents.

15. What preparations are made for the marriage of Vainamoinen and the Maid of Pohja?
(a) Songs are taught to the musicians.
(b) An ox is butchered.
(c) A butcher is taught how to butcher an ox.
(d) Beer is prepared.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who kills the pike when Ilmarinen, Lemminkainen, and Vainamoinen run aground on the pike's back?

2. Who alerts Louhi to the theft of the Sampo?

3. How does Ilmarinen's wife, the Daughter of Louhi, express her dislike for Kullervo?

4. Who is explicitly not invited to the wedding of Vainamoinen and the Maid of Pohja?

5. Who helps Vainamoinen cure the plagues and afflictions Louhi sends into his land?

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