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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Louhi do when she finds that the Sampo is gone?
(a) She builds another one.
(b) She sends storms after the thieves.
(c) She sends fish to swallow the thieves.
(d) She uses her magic to bring it back.

2. What does Vainamoinen make out of the pike's body?
(a) A harp.
(b) A sword.
(c) An oar.
(d) A grinder.

3. What does Untamo ultimately do with Kullervo?
(a) He turns him into a goat.
(b) He sells him to Ilmarinen.
(c) He leaves him on an island.
(d) He teaches him to hunt.

4. How does Kullervo get revenge against the Daughter of Louhi?
(a) He convinces Ilmarinen to disavow her.
(b) He leads an army against her palace and besieges her.
(c) He poisons her.
(d) He contrives to have her devoured by beasts of his own devising.

5. What do Vainamoinen's tears turn into after they drop into the sea?
(a) Ducks.
(b) Pikes.
(c) Boats.
(d) Pearls.

6. What happens on the first morning when Ilmarinen wakes up next to the woman he created?
(a) She is confused to discover herself.
(b) She is happy to see him, and grateful to him.
(c) She is angry that he did not make her complete.
(d) She is cold and unresponsive.

7. What comes out of the giant fish's belly?
(a) The moon.
(b) Smaller fish.
(c) Fire.
(d) Mountains.

8. When does Kullervo's mother die?
(a) While he is looking for the meaning of his life.
(b) While he is at war with Untamo.
(c) While he is pleading with her for permission to leave.
(d) While he is on his way home from the sea.

9. Whose praises does Vainamoinen sing at Ilmarinen's home?
(a) Lokka's.
(b) The Maid of Pohja's.
(c) His own.
(d) Ilmarinen's.

10. How does Ilmarinen's wife, the Daughter of Louhi, express her dislike for Kullervo?
(a) She spreads rumors about him.
(b) She bakes a stone into his loaf of bread.
(c) She dulls the blades of his knives.
(d) She drills holes in his shoes.

11. What does Louhi tell Ilmarinen when he returns to Pohja?
(a) She tells him that his craftsmanship is superb.
(b) She upbraids him for the death of her daughter.
(c) She says that he is welcome with his new bride.
(d) She says that she will not give him another daughter.

12. What happens to Lemminkainen and his friend on their way to get revenge against Pohja?
(a) They are drowned on their way to Pohja.
(b) They meet with mermaids who prophecy their fate.
(c) They kill the ferryman who could have taken them into Pohja.
(d) They lose their way after Frost freezes their boat in the water.

13. What allows Lemminkainen, Vainamoinen, and Ilmarinen to pass through the waterfall?
(a) A canopy Ilmarinen makes.
(b) Lemminkainen's magic.
(c) Vainamoinen's magic.
(d) Louhi's magic.

14. What does the Lord of Pohja offer Lemminkainen after Lemminkainen complains about the food?
(a) A shield.
(b) A stream to drink from.
(c) A bride.
(d) A drinking cup.

15. What preparations are made for the marriage of Vainamoinen and the Maid of Pohja?
(a) Beer is prepared.
(b) An ox is butchered.
(c) Songs are taught to the musicians.
(d) A butcher is taught how to butcher an ox.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Vainamoinen and Ilmarinen encounter on their way to Pohja?

2. What does Louhi's daughter do when she and Ilmarinen stop for the night?

3. How does Vainamoinen keep Louhi and her soldiers from catching up with him and Lemminkainen and Ilmarinen?

4. What does Vainamoinen try to convince Ilmarinen to help him do?

5. In what form does Louhi attack Vainamoinen, Ilmarinen, and Lemminkainen's ship?

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