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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Untamo try to break Kullevo's spirit?
(a) He burns down Kullervo's home.
(b) He kills Kullervo's beloved.
(c) He tortures Kullervo.
(d) He gives Kullervo menial jobs.

2. What does the Old Man by the Fire say about stories of children?
(a) He says that they are shallow lies.
(b) He says that they contain all the simple truth of the world.
(c) He says that they can be misleading.
(d) He says that they are the cause of all mirth.

3. What do Vainamoinen and Ilmarinen encounter on their way to Pohja?
(a) An army.
(b) Louhi.
(c) A boat.
(d) A seagull.

4. Who kills the pike when Ilmarinen, Lemminkainen, and Vainamoinen run aground on the pike's back?
(a) Lemminkainen.
(b) Louhi.
(c) Ilmarinen.
(d) Vainamoinen.

5. What does Louhi see Ilmarinen making that causes her to set her prisoners free?
(a) A woman to replace her.
(b) A magic sword to kill her.
(c) A poison sweetbread for her.
(d) A collar and chains to bind her.

6. What does Louhi's daughter do when she and Ilmarinen stop for the night?
(a) She escapes.
(b) She convinces men in the inn to murder Ilmarinen.
(c) She carries on with another man.
(d) She writes to her mother.

7. What happens on the first morning when Ilmarinen wakes up next to the woman he created?
(a) She is happy to see him, and grateful to him.
(b) She is confused to discover herself.
(c) She is cold and unresponsive.
(d) She is angry that he did not make her complete.

8. Who helps Louhi get her revenge for the theft of the Sampo?
(a) Loviatar.
(b) A storm.
(c) The Creator.
(d) An old man.

9. What does Lemminkainen find in his food at the wedding feast?
(a) Worms.
(b) Pins.
(c) Cream filling.
(d) Stuffing.

10. What does the Child tell the Maid of Pohja when she bursts into tears?
(a) He tells her that with luck she will escape from her husband.
(b) He says that she is marrying the best of men.
(c) He says that she is going to be much more alone in the future.
(d) He tells her that she should console herself by having children.

11. What does Louhi send to attack Vainamoinen after the plagues?
(a) A giant dog.
(b) A swarm of bees.
(c) A bear.
(d) A flock of crows.

12. What does Ilmarinen tell his metallic bride when he wakes up beside her?
(a) He says she is not the right woman for him.
(b) He says she is ugly and he is ashamed of himself for making her.
(c) He says that he made her and now he has to live with her.
(d) He says that he can fix her.

13. Who is explicitly not invited to the wedding of Vainamoinen and the Maid of Pohja?
(a) Ilmarinen.
(b) Annikki.
(c) Lemminkainen.
(d) Louhi.

14. Whom does Louhi capture and lock up in a cave?
(a) The sun and moon.
(b) Vainamoinen and Ilmarinen.
(c) The creator and the old man.
(d) Ilmarinen and her daughter.

15. Where does Lemminkainen hide after the wedding feast?
(a) In a closet off of of his mother's kitchen.
(b) In a new country to the west.
(c) In a chest in his mother's bedroom.
(d) On an island of women.

Short Answer Questions

1. Kullervo hears the story of his sister's disappearance. What was she doing when she disappeared?

2. How does Kullervo perform his tasks on the family farm?

3. What does the Maid of Pohja learn about how her married life will be different?

4. What does Louhi's daughter do when Ilmarinen takes her with him?

5. What does Ilmarinen use to make himself a new wife?

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