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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Aino tell her mother when her mother asks about Aino's walk with Vainamoinen?
(a) Aino tells her that she was set upon by thieves.
(b) Aino tells her the truth about how she lost her jewelry.
(c) Aino tells her mother that Vainamoinen is plotting against the family.
(d) Aino tells her mother that Vainamoinen stole her jewelry.

2. What condition does Louhi impose on Lemmenkainen before she can give him what he wants?
(a) He has to defeat the gods in a hunting contest.
(b) He has to go out on snowshoes and capture a mighty elk.
(c) He has to walk across the ocean.
(d) He has to defeat Markahattu in a storytelling contest.

3. What does Ilmarinen ride off on, after he finds out where Vainamoinen is going?
(a) A hand-made boat.
(b) A magic carpet.
(c) A crow's back.
(d) A magic sledge.

4. How does this lumberjack cut down such an enormous tree?
(a) He summons a team of beavers.
(b) He pulls the tree up with his bare hands.
(c) He turns into a huge, armor clad warrior.
(d) He calls a team of lumberjacks.

5. What is the name of the baby the Water-Mother is carrying?
(a) Lemmenkainen.
(b) The Maid of Pohja.
(c) Louhi.
(d) Vainamoinen.

6. Where does the eagle take Vainamoinen when it rescues him?
(a) To the ocean.
(b) To his mother.
(c) To the mountains.
(d) To the land of Pohja.

7. Who ultimately helps Louhi do what she wants done?
(a) The Maid of Pohja.
(b) Vainamoinen.
(c) Joukahainen.
(d) Ilmarinen.

8. What happens when Lemmenkainen catches the elk?
(a) It attacks a village.
(b) He leads it back to Louhi.
(c) He kills it.
(d) It escapes.

9. What do the gods decide to do when they hear Lemmenkainen bragging?
(a) They discourage him in the shape of his mother.
(b) They make him fall into a deep sleep.
(c) They turn him into a goose.
(d) They send him on a wild chase after an elk.

10. What does Vainamoinen build to convince Vipunen to tell him what he wants to know?
(a) A grinder.
(b) A castle.
(c) A hovel.
(d) A forge.

11. Where does Vainamoinen's mother suggest he look for a bride?
(a) In the Land of Pohja.
(b) In the cave of jewels.
(c) In the ocean.
(d) At the bottom of the sea.

12. What does Aino do in response to Vainamoinen's request?
(a) She offers to betray her brother.
(b) She drops her jewelry on the ground and runs home.
(c) She refuses to renounce her family.
(d) She renounces her father.

13. What does Vainamoinen do when Louhi offers him food?
(a) He eats and is indebted to Louhi.
(b) He says that all he wants is go home.
(c) He passes out from exhaustion.
(d) He refuses the food because he is still grieving for Aino.

14. What name is the Water-Mother given?
(a) Earth Mother.
(b) Louhi.
(c) The Maid of Pohja.
(d) Ilmatar.

15. Who comes after the Water-Mother prays for relief?
(a) The Maid of Pohja.
(b) Vainamoinen.
(c) A small bird.
(d) Louhi.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is not banished from the fire by Lemmenkainen's magical songs?

2. What does the Maid of Pohja say when she hears that Vainamoinen has arrived at the end of his journey?

3. What is the little maid doing when she hears Vainamoinen?

4. Whom does Lemminkainen resolve to win?

5. What does Vainamoinen ask Aino to do for him when they are walking through the forest together?

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