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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What prayer does Lemmenkainen make after his snowshoes break?
(a) He prays that Kyllikki will leave him alone.
(b) He prays for Louhi's daughter's hand in marriage.
(c) He prays for the intelligence to outwit the elk.
(d) He prays that no hunters will hunt for elk in this forest.

2. Who asks Vainamoinen where he is sailing?
(a) The maid of Pohja.
(b) Ilmarinen.
(c) Joukahainen.
(d) Annikki.

3. What happens when Vainamoinen wrestles with Vipunen?
(a) Vainamoinen swallows Vipunen.
(b) Vainamoinen swallows the Daughter of the Underworld.
(c) Vipunen tells Vainamoinen what he wants to know.
(d) Vipunen swallows Vainamoinen.

4. How does this lumberjack cut down such an enormous tree?
(a) He summons a team of beavers.
(b) He calls a team of lumberjacks.
(c) He turns into a huge, armor clad warrior.
(d) He pulls the tree up with his bare hands.

5. What does the Storyteller tell us in the first stanzas?
(a) He describes the beginning of the world.
(b) He announces that he is going to sing of war and gods.
(c) He describes the people whose epic he is going to sing.
(d) He describes his need to pass on the ancient wisdom.

6. What does Louhi do when she finds Vainamoinen?
(a) She protects him from her son.
(b) She convinces her son to kill him.
(c) She offers him her daughter's hand.
(d) She takes him to her home and bathes him.

7. Who comes after the Water-Mother prays for relief?
(a) The Maid of Pohja.
(b) Vainamoinen.
(c) A small bird.
(d) Louhi.

8. What does Vainamoinen do when he agrees to take what Joukahainen offers?
(a) He humiliates Joukahainen by turning him into a spider.
(b) He tells Joukahainen the story of his own miserable future.
(c) He allows Joukahainen to be drowned.
(d) He allows Joukahainen to return home.

9. What does Vainamoinen do when Louhi offers him food?
(a) He refuses the food because he is still grieving for Aino.
(b) He passes out from exhaustion.
(c) He says that all he wants is go home.
(d) He eats and is indebted to Louhi.

10. What does Lemminkainen tell his bride when he arrives where he takes her?
(a) He tells her why he abducted her.
(b) He promises to build her a bigger house.
(c) He threatens to kill her if she tries to escape.
(d) He tells her the conditions she has to meet for him to free her.

11. What happens after Joukahainen fires at Vainamoinen?
(a) Vainamoinen saves the arrows for his revenge.
(b) Vainamoinen dies in the forest.
(c) Vainamoinen dies on the beach.
(d) Vainamoinen swims for his life.

12. What does Vainamoinen tell Louhi in response to her request?
(a) He tells Louhi that he knows someone who can do what she wants done.
(b) He tells Louhi that what she asks cannot be done.
(c) He does what she asks and marries her daughter.
(d) He tells Louhi that he does not want to marry her daughter.

13. What story does Aino's mother tell her when Aino is upset about marrying?
(a) She tells Aino about the jewels hidden in the cave.
(b) She describes Joukahainen's gambling debts.
(c) She tells Aino about how Aino's father won her hand by betraying his family.
(d) She tells Aino about her brother's treacherous history.

14. What does Vainamoinen resolve to build at the beginning of Part 16?
(a) A boat.
(b) A tampo.
(c) A tree.
(d) A cave.

15. What happens when Lemmenkainen catches the elk?
(a) It attacks a village.
(b) It escapes.
(c) He kills it.
(d) He leads it back to Louhi.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lemmenkainen's mother ask of Ilmarinen?

2. What does Vainamionen do with the wood Sampsa brings back to Vainamoinen?

3. Who helps Vainamoinen complete the tasks so that he can marry?

4. What do the gods decide to do when they hear Lemmenkainen bragging?

5. How does Jourkahainen feel toward Vainamoinen in part 6 of the Kalevala?

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