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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Vainamoinen's mother suggest he look for a bride?
(a) In the ocean.
(b) In the cave of jewels.
(c) In the Land of Pohja.
(d) At the bottom of the sea.

2. Where does the Storyteller get his story?
(a) From his parents.
(b) From the ocean.
(c) From a bird.
(d) From his children.

3. What does Lemmenkainen's mother ask of Ilmarinen?
(a) She asks him to make a rake for her.
(b) She asks him to build her a Sampo.
(c) She asks him to knit Lemmenkainen back together.
(d) She asks him for a potion that will heal Lemmenkainen.

4. What happens when the eagle drops Vainamoinen?
(a) Vainamoinen gets lonely and begins to cry.
(b) Vainamoinen finds Aino in the form of an elk.
(c) Vainamoinen finds the cave with the jewels.
(d) Vainamoinen kills Joukahainen.

5. What does Vainamoinen do when Louhi offers him food?
(a) He eats and is indebted to Louhi.
(b) He says that all he wants is go home.
(c) He passes out from exhaustion.
(d) He refuses the food because he is still grieving for Aino.

6. Who helps Vainamoinen complete the tasks so that he can marry?
(a) Louhi.
(b) The Maid of Pohja.
(c) Annikki.
(d) Ilmarinen.

7. What does Vainamoinen catch?
(a) He catches a fish that tells him how to catch Aino.
(b) He catches a number of fish, but none of them is Aino.
(c) He catches Aino, who tells him a new technique for catching fish.
(d) He catches a salmon that was in fact Aino.

8. What does Vainamoinen tell the living creatures after he returns from the Underworld?
(a) He tells them not to go there themselves.
(b) He tells them all about the Daughter of the Underworld.
(c) He tells them the magic words he learned there.
(d) He describes the horrors he saw.

9. What does the water mother's baby do when he is born?
(a) Looks for a place to build a castle.
(b) Conquers his father's henchmen.
(c) Looks for someone to sow seeds in the land.
(d) Looks for his father.

10. What gift does Joukahainen offer that finally convinces Vainamoinen to let him go free?
(a) His sister.
(b) The secret to his immortality.
(c) A necklace.
(d) A magical robe.

11. Who is not banished from the fire by Lemmenkainen's magical songs?
(a) Markahattu.
(b) Kyllikki.
(c) Ilmarinen.
(d) Louhi.

12. What does Lemmenkainen decide to do after he is reassembled and brought back to life?
(a) He resolves to marry Louhi's daughter at any cost.
(b) He resolves to revenge himself on Markahattu.
(c) He decides to live with his mother.
(d) He takes his magic cloak back to Louhi's house.

13. What does Vainamoinen answer when he is asked where he is sailing to?
(a) He lies a first and then says he is sailing to Pohja.
(b) He says he is sailing home.
(c) He says he is sailing to the dawn.
(d) He says he is sailing to Ilmarinen.

14. What is the name of the baby the Water-Mother is carrying?
(a) Lemmenkainen.
(b) The Maid of Pohja.
(c) Vainamoinen.
(d) Louhi.

15. Who ultimately helps Louhi do what she wants done?
(a) The Maid of Pohja.
(b) Joukahainen.
(c) Vainamoinen.
(d) Ilmarinen.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Aino's mother console her when Aino is crying about marrying Vainamoinen?

2. How does this lumberjack cut down such an enormous tree?

3. What does the Daughter of the Underworld tell Vainamoinen?

4. What is Vainamoinen thinking about when the eagle rescues him?

5. What story does the Storyteller tell first?

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