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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Parts 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Joukahainen do when he meets Vainamoinen?
(a) He challenges Vainamoinen to a javelin contest.
(b) He challenges Vainamoinen to a race.
(c) He challenges Vainamoinen to a storytelling contest.
(d) He challenges Vainamoinen to a wrestling match.

2. What story does Aino's mother tell her when Aino is upset about marrying?
(a) She describes Joukahainen's gambling debts.
(b) She tells Aino about the jewels hidden in the cave.
(c) She tells Aino about how Aino's father won her hand by betraying his family.
(d) She tells Aino about her brother's treacherous history.

3. What does Louhi do when she finds Vainamoinen?
(a) She offers him her daughter's hand.
(b) She convinces her son to kill him.
(c) She protects him from her son.
(d) She takes him to her home and bathes him.

4. What does Aino tell her mother when her mother asks about Aino's walk with Vainamoinen?
(a) Aino tells her the truth about how she lost her jewelry.
(b) Aino tells her mother that Vainamoinen is plotting against the family.
(c) Aino tells her that she was set upon by thieves.
(d) Aino tells her mother that Vainamoinen stole her jewelry.

5. What sound does Vainamoinen find sad after he goes fishing?
(a) The crow's call.
(b) The cuckoo's song.
(c) The nightingale's song.
(d) The hummingbird's wings.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Vainamoinen tell Louhi in response to her request?

2. What do Vainamoinen and Ilmarinen agree to do when they arrive where they are going?

3. What does Lemminkainen do to the Lord of Pohja's head?

4. Why does Annikki tell Ilmarinen where Vainamoinen is sailing?

5. What does Joukahainen offer Vainamoinen after Vainamoinen listens to his story?

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