Kalevala Character Descriptions

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Ahti of the Island - This character is a fun-loving rogue.

Aino - This character prefers to die than to marry.

Death's Daughter - See Tuonetar

Demon - See Hiisi

Devil - See Lempo

Annikki - This character tells another character that his wife has broken her vow not to go into the village.

'Eternal Sage - See Vainamoinen

Far-Mind - See Lemminkainen

Flower of Saari - See Kyllikki

Him - This character is foremost among the many evil spirits referred to in the Kalevala.

Ilmarinen - This character once hammered out the sky and the stars. This character is depicted as the steadfast, skillful craftsman, forever laboring at his forge.

Ilmarinen's wife - See Maiden of Pohjola

Joukahainen - This character saves his skin by offering his sister as a bride to the old man who beats him in a poetry competition.

Jouko - This...

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