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Parts 1 and 2

• The Daughter of the air cannot give birth, but a bird lays eggs on her knees, and the eggs break and become land.

• Finally the Daughter of the Air, now the Water-Mother, gives birth to Vainamoinen, who is already an old man.

• Vainamoinen plants the barren land, and helps the oak grow but has it cut down when it grows too tall.

Parts 3, 4, and 5

• Vainamoinen enters a storytelling competition with Joukahainen, and when he enchants Joukahainen, Joukahainen offers Vainamoinen his sister Aino.

• Aino is not happy about marrying, even a distinguished old man like Vainamoinen, and she drowns herself.

• Vainamoinen catches a salmon that was Aino, but he lets her go, and his mother advises him to look for a bride in Pohja.

Parts 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10

• Joukahainen kills Vainamoinen's magic elk, and Vainamoinen swims to Pohja, where the Maid of Pohja refuses to marry him.

• The Maid...

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