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Short Answer Questions

1. How does the entrance stone change before it opens?

2. Who closes the entrance stone?

3. What is pachinko?

4. How does Mrs. Saeki react when Nakata begs to speak with her about the entrance stone?

5. How long have Hoshino and Nakata spent together by the time Nakato dies?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Nakata and Hoshino know that the entrance stone is working?

2. How does Kafka react to the desolate village that the Japanese soldiers guide him to?

3. How does Hoshino care for Nakata after he dies?

4. What conversation does Hoshino get into with the elderly coffee shop owner the day that the entrance stone is flipped?

5. How does Mrs. Saeki convince Kafka to leave the world of the deserted village and go back where he belongs?

6. What book did Mrs.Saeki write after collecting interviews?

7. Why did Mrs. Saeki first open the entrance stone?

8. What happens when Crow encounters Johnny Walker in the enchanted woods?

9. Who is Colonel Sanders?

10. What happened to the two soldiers that went for a walk in the woods surrounding Oshima's cabin?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the novel, there is great mystery surrounding who killed Japan's most famous sculptor. First, describe how the murder occurs, and who the two main suspects are. Then, explain how Murakami uses this murder with two other major events in the novel - Johnny Walker's murder and Kafka waking up covered in blood. How do these connections add to the suspense of the novel as a whole?

Essay Topic 2

When the entrance stone is turned, it draws together two wandering souls - Mrs. Saeki and Nakata. First, describe the lives Mrs. Saeki and Nakata had been living before the stone was turned. Then, explain how Mrs. Saeki and Nakata complete each other, and what the effects of their final meeting were.

Essay Topic 3

There are many talking animals in this novel. First, create a list of animal characters and explain their role within the novel. Then, discuss your reaction to the presence of talking animals in an adult novel. Was their integration into the storyline successful? Why or why not? How does their presence make this novel fit into the genre of magical realism?

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