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Short Answer Questions

1. What dream does Kafka have about Sakura when he is lost in the woods?

2. What does Kafka feel connected to in nature as he is wandering through the woods?

3. What does the word "Kafka" translate to from Czech?

4. Who does Hoshino wait to hear from before closing the entrance stone?

5. From where did Hoshino steal the entrance stone?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Colonel Sanders explain his physical form to Hoshino?

2. How does Hoshino care for Nakata after he dies?

3. How does Mrs. Saeki convince Kafka to leave the world of the deserted village and go back where he belongs?

4. Why does Colonel Sanders bring Hoshino to the religious shrine?

5. What does Mrs. Saeki ask Nakata to do with her memoirs?

6. What is the origin of Kafka's name?

7. What conversation does Hoshino get into with the elderly coffee shop owner the day that the entrance stone is flipped?

8. How does Mrs. Saeki respond when Nakata bursts into her office demanding to talk about the entrance stone?

9. How does Kafka react to the desolate village that the Japanese soldiers guide him to?

10. Why does Oshima wake Kafka in the middle of the night with a frantic phone call?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Kafka was a young boy, his father made two prophecies about him. First, explain what the two prophecies were and what Kafka's reactions were to the prophecies. Then, explain whether or not these prophecies came true, and what the reader learned about Kafka through this process.

Essay Topic 2

While at the cabin, Oshima gives Kafka an ominous warning about the soldiers who visited these woods during the war. According to history, what happened to these soldiers when they were in Oshima's woods? What is Oshima worried will happen to Kafka if he ventures too far away from the cabin?

Essay Topic 3

Johnny Walker is a malevolent character who seeks entrance to the afterlife. First, describe the character of Johnny Walker and the way that he meets Nakata. Then, explain the way that Johnny Walker has been living and through what means he steals the souls of living creatures. Finally, explain why Nakata was given no choice but to kill Johnny Walker.

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