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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following spirits frequents Kafka's bedroom while he is sleeping?

2. What part of Hoshino's body pains him until Nakata fixes it for him?

3. Who is asked to kill evil before it can escape through the entrance stone?

4. What relationship does Kafka think he has with Mrs. Saeki?

5. Which of the following phrases does Mrs. Saeki use to describe herself?

Short Essay Questions

1. What arrangements does Colonel Sanders make for Nakata and Hoshino while the police are on their manhunt?

2. What is the origin of Kafka's name?

3. What happens with Mrs. Saeki sleepwalks into Kafka's bedroom?

4. What happened to the two soldiers that went for a walk in the woods surrounding Oshima's cabin?

5. Who is Colonel Sanders?

6. Why does Colonel Sanders bring Hoshino to the religious shrine?

7. Why did Mrs. Saeki first open the entrance stone?

8. While wandering through the woods, what disturbing dream does Kafka have about Sakura?

9. What does Mrs. Saeki ask Nakata to do with her memoirs?

10. How does Mrs. Saeki react when Kafka confronts her about the possibility that she is his mother?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the Prologue to this novel, Kafka warns his friend, Crow, that "Fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing directions." What did Kafka mean when he gave his friend this warning? Explain this quote and give at least two examples from the text that exemplify this theory.

Essay Topic 2

When the entrance stone is turned, it draws together two wandering souls - Mrs. Saeki and Nakata. First, describe the lives Mrs. Saeki and Nakata had been living before the stone was turned. Then, explain how Mrs. Saeki and Nakata complete each other, and what the effects of their final meeting were.

Essay Topic 3

Nakata, like Kafka, is a man haunted by his past. First, describe the event that altered Nakata's life forever. Then, explain how this disastrous event affected Nakata's life into adulthood. What ailments continued to plague Nakata long after the event occurred?

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