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Short Answer Questions

1. After Nakata murders Johnny Walker, what changes about him?

2. Which of the following short stories by Franz Kafka does Kafka discuss with Oshima?

3. While sleeping at Oshima's cottage in the woods, where does Kafka sleep at night?

4. How long is the first bus ride on the day that Kafka runs away from home?

5. Which of the following characters says that, "Fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing directions"?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Kafka react when he is approached by the Japanese soldiers in Oshima's woods?

2. What happens when Kafka wakes from a blackout at a religious shrine?

3. How does the police officer on duty react to Nakata's confession of stabbing a man to death?

4. What happens with Mrs. Saeki sleepwalks into Kafka's bedroom?

5. What happened to all of Nakata's money after he lost his job?

6. How does Kafka spend his first day of freedom in the city?

7. What does the elementary school teacher admit is the truth of what happened to Nakata in the woods?

8. What unusual prophecy does Nakata make before leaving the police station?

9. How does Colonel Sanders explain his physical form to Hoshino?

10. While wandering through the woods, what disturbing dream does Kafka have about Sakura?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Both Kafka and Nakata are inexplicably drawn to Southern Japan in search of healing. First, describe the circumstances that draws each man away from his home. Then, compare / contrast the relief each man finds upon finally reaching his destination.

Essay Topic 2

Mrs. Saeki's song proves to be the thread that unifies all of the story lines in this novel. Choose at least two key elements of Mrs. Saeki's song and explain how these elements tie the story lines of Nakata and Kafka together. Then, explain whether or not you believe Mrs. Saeki's song is significant enough to warrant the title of this novel, and why.

Essay Topic 3

The face of evil took many different forms in this novel - Johnny Walker, Colonel Sanders, and the white salamander. First, describe how each of these creatures embodied the force of evil. Then, explain why each of these beings was so intent on opening the entrance stone.

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