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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Nakata dies, who inherits his ability to understand animals?
(a) Kafka.
(b) Hoshino.
(c) The ability is lost forever.
(d) Oshima.

2. What does Nakata decide is the location where the portal from the entrance stone has been opened?
(a) The religious shrine.
(b) The woods.
(c) The library.
(d) The river.

3. How does Nakata feel after the entrance stone is flipped?
(a) Hungry.
(b) Tired.
(c) Confused.
(d) Excited.

4. What does Mrs. Saeki ask Nakata to do with the stack of papers she has written about her life?
(a) Burn them.
(b) Publish them.
(c) Deliver them to her son.
(d) Treasure them.

5. Which of the following is NOT something Hoshino does to pass the time while Nakata sleeps?
(a) Reading a book.
(b) Eating food.
(c) Gambling.
(d) Drinking alcohol.

6. Where does Oshima find a copy of Mrs. Saeki's hit song on vinyl?
(a) In his mother's collection.
(b) On the Internet.
(c) In the library's collection.
(d) In a garbage dump.

7. Which of the following spirits frequents Kafka's bedroom while he is sleeping?
(a) A middle-aged man in a business suit.
(b) A scruffy old man.
(c) A scarred infant child.
(d) A beautiful young woman.

8. Which of the following is NOT something that ceases to matter in the deserted village?
(a) Time.
(b) Love.
(c) Memory.
(d) Hunger.

9. Who does the spirit really belong to that visits Kafka?
(a) Sakura.
(b) The Virgin Mary.
(c) Mrs. Saeki.
(d) His mother.

10. What happens to Mrs. Saeki after Nakata leaves the library?
(a) She dies.
(b) She begins to weep.
(c) She faints.
(d) She is arrested.

11. Where does Hoshino promise to take Nakata when things blow over with the police?
(a) To an aquarium.
(b) To a botanical garden.
(c) To the zoo.
(d) To an aviary.

12. Where does Kafka embrace Mrs. Saeki for the first time?
(a) At the library.
(b) At the beach.
(c) At the movie theater.
(d) At the grocery store.

13. Who has arranged for Nakata to live in the free apartments provided by the government?
(a) His parents.
(b) His sons.
(c) He arranged it himself.
(d) His brothers.

14. Which of the following characters encounters Johnny Walker while walking through the woods?
(a) Kafka.
(b) Hoshino.
(c) Oshima.
(d) Crow.

15. On what day do Nakata and Hoshino arrive at the library?
(a) Wednesday.
(b) Thursday.
(c) Monday.
(d) Tuesday.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the entrance stone change before it opens?

2. What does Colonel Sanders do for a living?

3. How was Mrs. Saeki punished for opening the entrance stone?

4. What part of Hoshino's body pains him until Nakata fixes it for him?

5. Who do the police suspect has hired Nakata as a hit man?

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