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The Entrance Stone - This object is the mystical item used to open the entrance to the desolate village.

The Painting of the Boy on the Beach - This object is hung in Ms. Saeki's dead husband's study.

Kafka on the Shore - This is the hit song written and sung by Ms. Saeki when she was a teenager.

The Komura Library - This is a historic building in Takamatsu, opened by a wealthy sake-producer.

Oshima's Cabin - This is a utilitarian one-room building with no utilities or plumbing.

The Desolate Village - This is in a valley in an otherworldly realm -- similar to limbo -- where there is no time or desire.

The Woods at Kochi - This is where two soldiers disappeared during a training exercise in the 1940's.

Eel - This is Nakata's favorite food.

Aloha Shirts - This is the article of...

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