Kafka on the Shore Character Descriptions

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The Boy Named Crow

This character is an imaginary companion with a sluggish voice.


This character is a one-year-old tortoiseshell cat.


This character is a fresh-fish truck driver.


This character has a ponytail, wears Hawaiian shirts, drives a truck, and closes the entrance stone at the end of the novel.


This character is a striped brown cat that hit its head on the concrete after being hit by a bicycle.


This character hires a neighborhood man who is known to speak with cats after their family cat goes missing.


This character is a clever, beautiful, educated Siamese cat.

Satoru Nakata

This character's memory was completely erased at the age of nine, can communicate with cats, and has no concept of time.

Juichi Nakazawa

This character is the town physician who is called to examine sixteen children after they collapse on Rice Bowl...

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