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The Boy Named Crow, Chapters 1-5

• Tamura, who calls himself Kafka, is planning to run away from his home in Tokyo. He has an imaginary friend named Crow who he "plans" his escape with.

• Kafka steals money from his father and his hunting knife. He plans to take these things and a photograph of his sister along with him - the only relic left after his mother left the family. He leaves the day before his fifteenth birthday.

• A Japanese school teacher recalls a day when she brought the school children out into the woods to pick mushrooms and saw an airplane fly overhead. She found the children later, passed out in the woods in a trance.

• Kafka meets a hairdresser named Sakura on the bus. He wonders if she is his long-lost sister. He lies and tells her that he is going to visit his family in...

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