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Bryan Stevenson
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Short Answer Questions

1. How many lawyers had Stevenson met before he started law school?

2. When did Stevenson and Eva Ansley discover an opportunity to get federal funding to create a legal center to represent people on death row in Alabama?

3. Where did Stevenson grow up?

4. How old were many of Stevenson's death row Alabama clients when they committed the crimes they were accused of committing?

5. What did Judge Key say that Walter McMillian might be a part of?

Short Essay Questions

1. What obstacles did Stevenson face when he opened the nonprofit law center in Tuscaloosa in Chapter 4?

2. What was McMillians alibi for the time of the murder?

3. What were the laws about condemning children to death row?

4. What was Myers's version of the murder of Ronda Morrison?

5. What murder shocked Monroevill in 1986?

6. What happened to Lourida Ruffin?

7. What type of business did Walter McMillian establish and how well did it prosper?

8. What iwas Monroeville, Alabama, known for?

9. Why did Judige Robert E. Lee Key call Stevenson?

10. Why did Horace Dunkins' execution make national news?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There were many conflicts that Stevenson and his staff experienced. What were some of the conflicts they faced? How did these conflicts cause challenges in the casework they were doing? Were most of the conflicts in the book internal or external?

Essay Topic 2

Stevenson saw power in hope. How long did it take Stevenson to realize the importance and power of hope? How was hope demonstrated by Stevenson and his clients? In what ways was hope a powerful tool for Stevenson, his staff, and his clients?

Essay Topic 3

Stevenson worked to reveal and eliminate flaws in the justice system. What flaws did he encounter as he worked on cases? How was he able to eliminate some of those flaws and obtain justice?

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