Just Mercy (Bryan Stevenson) Short Answer Test Questions

Bryan Stevenson
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1. How old was Stevenson in 1983?

2. Where did Stevenson say that Georgia's death row was in the Introduction?

3. What highway did Stevenson travel to speak with someone on death row?

4. What did Stevenson study in college?

5. Where did Stevenson go to law school?

6. Where did Stevenson go to college?

7. How many lawyers had Stevenson met before he started law school?

8. Where did Stevenson meet Steve Bright, director of the SPDC?

9. Where did Bright grow up?

10. Where was the SPDC located when Stevenson started his internship?

11. How long was Stevenson's first visit with Henry supposed to be in the Introduction?

12. How old was Henry?

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