Objects & Places from Just Mercy (Bryan Stevenson)

Bryan Stevenson
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This is a country with a long history of racial tensions between whites and non-whites and also tensions between men and women and the rich and the poor.

The Southern United States

This is a region where slavery was practiced and racism still is prevalent.


This is the setting in most of the book and where almost all aspects of life are permeated by racism.

Monroe County

This is the area where much of the action of the book takes place and where McMillian was accused of committing a crime.

"To Kill A Mockingbird"

This is a novel that tells the story of a criminal trial in which the accused is a black man and his lawyer is white; Stevenson found the novel to be ironic when compared to McMillian’s narrative.

Atlanta, Georgia

This was where Stevenson first did an internship and later worked on...

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