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Bryan Stevenson
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To Kill a Mockingbird

Stevenson references the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Read the book and discuss with a group.


Create a timeline of the cases Stevenson handled.

Live News

Imagine that you are a television reporter and report live from the courthouse when it is learned that McMillian has been exonerated.


Write a diary entry that one of McMillian's family members might have written during his trial or imprisonment.


Stevenson talked about ways to be a stonecatcher. Discuss with a group ways why it is important to be a stonecatcher and how you could be a stonecatcher.

Map It

Use a blackline map to show where some of the cases were that Stevenson and EJI handled.


Imagine that you are an attorney for one of the cases described in the book. Write the arguments that you would use to free...

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