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Bryan Stevenson
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Essay Topic 1

Stevenson struggled during his first year of law school. What were his struggles? How did the Socratic method increase his struggles? How did he overcome his struggles and continue on in law school?

Essay Topic 2

Stevenson’s grandmother always told him to “Keep close.” What did his grandmother mean by that statement? How could keeping close help Stevenson in life and give him a proper perspective? How did that statement influence Stevenson?

Essay Topic 3

In the introduction, Stevenson discusses individual character. How does Stevenson define character and what it means for individuals? What does he believe affects one’s character? How does he feel that character can be measured?

Essay Topic 4

The deep South had Jim Crow and anti-miscegentation statutes on the books well into the twentieth century. What were some of the things that were forbidden by the statutes? What was the purpose of those...

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