Just Mercy (Bryan Stevenson) Character Descriptions

Bryan Stevenson
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The Author (Bryan Stevenson)

This person was an African-American lawyer who moved to the South to represent innocent people on death role, and he eventually began to expose and eliminate flaws in the justice system.

Walter McMillian

This person an African American who was falsely accused of murder and sentenced to death row after he had an affair with a white woman, even though more than 30 people were with him when the murder took place; he was eventually exonerated and freed.

Karen Kelly

This person had an affair with a black man and framed him along with a conspirator for the murder of a young girl.

Ralph Myers

This person falsely accused a black man he had never met of murder; when he tried to recant his testimony law enforcement pressured him to continue lying.

Ronda Morrison

This was a young white woman who was murdered at a cleaners...

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