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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sound drew the raptors out of their nest?
(a) Helicopter blades.
(b) Injured animals.
(c) Diesel engines.
(d) Yelling children.

2. How are the raptors trying to gain access into the lodge in order to kill the people inside?
(a) Through the skylights.
(b) Through the doors.
(c) Through the side windows.
(d) Through the basement doors.

3. Where are the two electric cars when the power goes out and the cars come to a stop?
(a) Near the stegosaurus enclosure.
(b) Near the tourist compound.
(c) Near the Tyrannosaurus rex paddock.
(d) Near the raptor pens.

4. How does Nedry come to realize that he misses the turn off for the east dock?
(a) He sees the raptor pen.
(b) He sees the tourist compound ahead.
(c) He sees the sign for the west dock.
(d) He sees a gray barrier across the road.

5. Who discovers Nedry's disabling code in the computer system?
(a) Arnold.
(b) Gennaro.
(c) Muldoon.
(d) Hammond.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much money was Nedry to be paid for the delivery of the frozen embryos by BioSyn?

2. As Dr. Grant is exploring the maintenance area and looking for a way to contact the control room, the T-rex almost kills another person. Who does the T-rex almost eat?

3. Where do Tim and Lex meet up again with Grant and Gennaro?

4. When Grant is able to talk to Ellie on the radio after Grant and the children reach the lobby of the tourist center, what bad news does Ellie tell Grant?

5. When the group finally reaches the raptor's colony, how many different nests are there?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Nedry upset by the storm as he fled the compound and headed to the east dock?

2. When Arnold finally spots the T-rex and radios the dinosaur's position to Muldoon and Gennaro, why does Muldoon become irritated with Arnold?

3. Based on the behavior of the raptors on the beach, what does Grant realize about how the raptor colony is organized?

4. When the sensors finally come back online, they do not locate Grant and Hammond's grandchildren. Why not?

5. Hammond is proud that the motion sensors cover 92% of the park. Malcolm maintains that the sensors are inadequate. Why?

6. Why does Ellie hope that Grant and the children are together in the park?

7. What does Grant's visitor reveal to him as the two men sit by the pool in San Juan discussing the reluctance of the Costa Rican government to permit the survivors to travel back to the United States?

8. As Hammond wanders through the compound after leaving Malcolm's bedside, what does he plan to do with the next phase of his life?

9. Why is Grant unable to contact the control room and advise them that the ship needs to be recalled just before the cars grind to a stop and are unable to move?

10. Nedry modifies the computer program in order to hide the theft of the embryos and buy enough time for him to meet the boat at the east dock. What exactly does Nedry program the computer to do?

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