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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Ian Malcolm's profession?
(a) Ian is a paleobotanist.
(b) Ian is an investment banker.
(c) Ian is a mathematician.
(d) Ian is a disaster relief specialist.

2. How does the control room keep track of the animals in the park?
(a) Through visual accounting.
(b) Through motion sensors.
(c) Through birth and death tallies.
(d) Through aerial surveillance.

3. How does the grandmother whose sleeping grandchild is bitten describe the lizard she sees?
(a) Green with red dots.
(b) Green with brown stripes.
(c) Brown with red dots.
(d) Brown with green stripes.

4. What is kept in a locked room in the basement of the compound that only Muldoon has the key to?
(a) Tranquilizers.
(b) Tazers.
(c) Cattle prods.
(d) Missiles.

5. What is delivered to Grant and Sattler at their dig site from InGen?
(a) Photos of the island.
(b) InGen's financial statements.
(c) Architectural plans.
(d) Their travel documents.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which sick dinosaur is the veterinarian caring for in the park?

2. How does Donald Gennaro react when he sees the island's animals?

3. Who is traveling in the second car for the tour through the animal enclosures?

4. Where was Robert Muldoon raised as a child?

5. What type of dinosaur do the tour group members first see as their tour begins through the park?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to the essay in the book's introduction, what is the purpose of genetic engineering research?

2. According to Arnold, why is Jurassic Park the most ambitious theme park in history?

3. Tina's parents had a hard time dismissing Dr. Guitierrez's conclusions because his description of the basilisk lizard didn't match with what Tina said she observed. What happens in the hospital as Tina is preparing to leave to prove just how observant she actually is?

4. Why do the board members at InGen's corporate rival engage in a corporate espionage plot?

5. According to Malcolm, what is the difference between physics and chaos theory? Give examples for each.

6. Explain why paleontologists debate whether dinosaurs were cold-blooded or warm-blooded animals.

7. What comprised the bulk of the work undertaken by the Tropical Diseases Laboratory?

8. What view does Muldoon hold that often puts him at odds with the Jurassic Park owners?

9. Why are the dinosaurs supposedly reliant on the food supplied to them by the Jurassic Park scientists? Why is this an important safety measure?

10. Describe the item given to the unidentified man from InGen at the meeting to plan the theft of the embryos.

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