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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After going over the falls, Grant and Tim meet each other downstream. As the T-rex lifts its head from the surging pool, what is in the T-rex's mouth?
(a) Lex's life jacket.
(b) The raft.
(c) Lex's baseball cap.
(d) Lex.

2. Who first discovers the missing embryos?
(a) Grant.
(b) Dr. Wu.
(c) Hammond.
(d) Arnold.

3. When the helicopters burst through the fog over the beach, what do the raptors do?
(a) Hiss.
(b) Jump.
(c) Fight.
(d) Scatter.

4. As the electric cars are headed back to the compound, Tim begins yelling about the boat leaving the dock. What does Tim spot on the back of the boat?
(a) Raptors.
(b) Guns.
(c) Smugglers.
(d) Snakes.

5. What type of dinosaur does Sattler see while she and Harding are driving back to the compound in the Jeep? Sattler had seen this type of dinosaur in the fax that was sent to her and Grant at the dig site in Montana?
(a) Celaphors.
(b) Compys.
(c) Triceratops.
(d) Stegosaurs.

6. According to the veterinarian, where is the real power of most big carnivores located?
(a) In the front arms.
(b) In the hind legs.
(c) In the jaw muscles.
(d) In the neck muscles.

7. Which of the original staff members had already left the island by the time the helicopter landed on the beach?
(a) Gennaro.
(b) Harding.
(c) Hammond.
(d) Sattler.

8. What types of creatures are housed in the aviary?
(a) Aviadactyls.
(b) Raptors.
(c) Dilosaurs.
(d) Cearadactyls.

9. What message do Sattler and Harding receive over the walkie-talkie?
(a) The children have been killed.
(b) The other cars have been attacked.
(c) The raptors are attacking the compound.
(d) Their other car is needed at the compound.

10. .Why does the first tranquilizer that Muldoon shoots at the T-rex miss its intended mark?
(a) Muldoon's hand is shaking.
(b) The gun is calibrated for Arnold's touch.
(c) The T-rex lunges at the exact moment Muldoon fires.
(d) The battery is dead in the laser sights.

11. Who does the group decide should go to the maintenance shed in order to return power to the system and electricity to the fences and the bars?
(a) Grant.
(b) Arnold.
(c) Muldoon.
(d) Hammond.

12. How many people had originally been on the island before Nedry disabled the system and the chaos began?
(a) 15.
(b) 19.
(c) 32.
(d) 24.

13. What type of egg shell does Grant find in the park?
(a) A dilophosaur egg.
(b) A liphosaurus egg.
(c) A raptor egg.
(d) A stegosaurus egg.

14. What does Grant use to poison the raptors?
(a) A dinosaur egg.
(b) A dead carcass.
(c) A tranquilizer gun.
(d) A hammer.

15. As Muldoon leaves Ellie's room, what does Muldoon ask Ellie to do?
(a) Fix the computer system.
(b) Accompany him into the park.
(c) Charge the emergency radios.
(d) Help with Malcolm's care.

Short Answer Questions

1. After power has been restored and the computer systems reset, Tim runs a count of the animals on the island. How many are now on the island?

2. Who is in the Jeep with Muldoon as he races into the park to look for Hammond's grandchildren?

3. As Ellie is in her room about to change out of her wet clothes, Muldoon knocks on her door. What does Muldoon tell Ellie?

4. After the power has been restored and the computer system has been reset, how many people are either dead or missing?

5. As Muldoon and Gennaro are tracking the T-rex, Arnold calls them over the radio. What does Arnold tell them?

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