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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the raft that Grant and the children are floating on picks up speed and nears the waterfall, what does Grant see as he looks over the waterfall to the surging pool below the falls?
(a) The T-rex.
(b) Muldoon's Jeep.
(c) Raptors.
(d) Nedry's body.

2. How many people had originally been on the island before Nedry disabled the system and the chaos began?
(a) 15.
(b) 32.
(c) 24.
(d) 19.

3. Where do Dr. Grant and the children take shelter for the night in the park?
(a) In a maintenance building.
(b) In a cave.
(c) Behind a waterfall.
(d) Up a tree.

4. As the raptors are standing on the beach, which of the raptors are standing at the outside of the formation?
(a) Adult females.
(b) Juvenile females.
(c) Adult males.
(d) Juvenile males.

5. Who finally reaches Sattler and Harding as they are following the compys using a walkie-talkie?
(a) Hammond.
(b) Malcolm.
(c) Grant.
(d) Arnold.

6. After power has been restored and the computer systems reset, Tim runs a count of the animals on the island. How many are now on the island?
(a) 298.
(b) 276.
(c) 257.
(d) 203.

7. .Why does the first tranquilizer that Muldoon shoots at the T-rex miss its intended mark?
(a) The T-rex lunges at the exact moment Muldoon fires.
(b) The gun is calibrated for Arnold's touch.
(c) The battery is dead in the laser sights.
(d) Muldoon's hand is shaking.

8. As Muldoon and Gennaro are tracking the T-rex, Arnold calls them over the radio. What does Arnold tell them?
(a) He's found Nedry.
(b) He's found the raptor nest.
(c) He's found Grant and the children.
(d) He's found the T-rex.

9. After escaping from the aviary, Grant and the children continue to float down the river but realize they are being stalked by an animal following them along the river's edge just behind the trees. What is stalking the trio?
(a) The compys.
(b) The brontosaurus.
(c) The raptors.
(d) The Tyrannosaurus rex.

10. According to Malcolm, what does the "Malcolm Effect" imply?
(a) Chaos.
(b) Disillusionment.
(c) Catastrophic changes.
(d) Intelligent reasoning.

11. How do Grant and the children gain a sense of direction as they move through the tyrannosaurus paddock?
(a) They discover a compass in the utility shed.
(b) They follow the river.
(c) They use the numbers on the motion sensors.
(d) They use the stars for guidance.

12. Who is in the Jeep with Muldoon as he races into the park to look for Hammond's grandchildren?
(a) Hammond.
(b) Arnold.
(c) Gennaro.
(d) Nedry.

13. What sound drew the raptors out of their nest?
(a) Diesel engines.
(b) Helicopter blades.
(c) Yelling children.
(d) Injured animals.

14. What is Gennaro extremely reluctant to do and only does when physically threatened by Muldoon?
(a) Steal an egg from the raptor's nest.
(b) Guard the raptor's nest.
(c) Bomb the raptor's nest.
(d) Climb into the raptor's nest.

15. What types of creatures are housed in the aviary?
(a) Cearadactyls.
(b) Raptors.
(c) Aviadactyls.
(d) Dilosaurs.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Grant watches the behavior of the raptors, what does he suddenly realize the raptors are preparing to do?

2. Who does Hammond ultimately blame for Jurassic Park's failure?

3. When the helicopters burst through the fog over the beach, what do the raptors do?

4. When the soldiers on the helicopters that pick up the remaining group members from the island ask who is in charge, what does Grant reply?

5. As the raft Grant and the children are floating on continues down the river, they encounter two dilophosaurs at the river's edge and are reluctant to disturb them. What are the two dilophosaurs doing?

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