Objects & Places from Jurassic Park

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Costa Rica - This is where the story is set.

Jurassic Park - This is a theme park of epic proportions.

Helicopters - This technology is used four times in the book and each use serves to increase the story's tension levels.

The Control Room - This is where all of the park's systems are run.

The Computer System - This only looks for the number of dinosaurs it expects to find in an attempt to ensure that none escape and never catches the dozens that are breeding.

The Compound - This is made up of several outbuildings: the owner's bungalow, the visitor's center, the hotel, and the laboratory and control room.

Amber - This is the dried resin of tree sap.

Frog DNA - This is used by the scientists to fill in the gaps in dinosaur DNA.

Procompsognathids - This is the first dinosaur encountered...

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