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Introduction | Prologue | Chapter 1

1. What is the name of the visiting physician working in a clinic on the West Coast of Costa Rica?
(a) Dr. Barry Carter.
(b) Dr. Bobby Carter.
(c) Dr. Billy Carter.
(d) Dr. Barbara Carter.

2. When the InGen helicopter lands outside of the clinic, who gets out of the helicopter?
(a) Ed Regis.
(b) John Hammond.
(c) Alan Grant.
(d) Dennis Nedry.

3. What is the name of the family on vacation in the jungles of Costa Rica?
(a) Bierman.
(b) Belliman.
(c) Bowman.
(d) Benson.

4. What about the lizard on the Costa Rican beach catches Tina's attention?
(a) The lizard is purple.
(b) The lizard stands on its hind legs.
(c) The lizard waves at Tina.
(d) The lizard has three eyes.

5. What does Tina do when she notices the lizard on the Costa Rican beach?
(a) Tina finds her parents.
(b) Tina yells for help.
(c) Tina calls to the lizard.
(d) Tina begins to draw the lizard.

6. What is the name of Tina's doctor in Puntarenas?
(a) Dr. Carter.
(b) Dr. Benson.
(c) Dr. Cruz.
(d) Dr. Guitierrez.

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