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Lesson 1 (from Introduction | Prologue | Chapter 1)


The introductory sections of "Jurassic Park" are critical to the believability of the novel. The author educates the reader about the dangerous history of biotechnology. At the same time, the author introduces a fictional company, InGen. By introducing the real with the fictional, the author ties the two together and makes the fictional seem genuine.

The purpose of this Lesson Plan is to study the author's use of intermingling fictional accounts with genuine information in order to create a seemingly genuine setting for the novel.


1. Task: Break into small groups and discuss how the author's use of genuine information mixed with fictional accounts affects the story's setting. Is the author successful at making the story's setting and premise seem possible, even believable? Why or why not?

2. Task: Identify at least three instances in which the author mixes genuine with fictional information to create a cohesive...

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