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Glossay of Slang

Make a glossary of the slang that you use in everyday life.


Write the monologue of a heroin user going through withdrawal.


Write William Burroughs' biography.

500 Words

Condense the novel into 500 words.

Front Cover

Design a front cover of the book including a blurb.

Police Interview

In pairs, act out an interview between a policeman and a drug dealer.

Monthly Stipend.

Write a plan of how you could spend and live on a monthly stipend of $1000.

Character Background

Choose a character other than Bill Lee and write his/her character background.

Tourist Brochure

Write a tourist brochure of either New York, New Orleans or Texas. Think about what kind of people you would like to attract to the city.


Choose a character from the novel and write his/her obituary


Choose what songs you would have on a soundtrack that could...

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