Junky Character Descriptions

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He grew up in an apparently typical familial situation but was plagued by various nervous conditions such as nightmares and hallucinations. His athletic performance was mediocre and his academic performance was average or slightly above.

Bill's Wife

Her main objection to his drug use appears to be the inactivity it causes. By the end of the novel, she loses her patience and leaves the narrator


Bill describes him as having a slack jaw, a vacant look, and smooth brown skin. His cheekbones are high, giving him a vaguely oriental appearance, and his ears stick out at right angles from his asymmetrical skull.


Bill describes him as a small, very thin man with a mottled yellow complexion and skin eruptions. His mouth is usually drawn down at the corners and he is often rude and abrasive.

Bill Gains

He was raised in a typical upper-middle class...

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