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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the seal hunters first see Kotick, what do they think?
(a) That he is a ghost.
(b) That his coat is perfect for their collection.
(c) He looks are laughable.
(d) He isn't scary.

2. How do the elephants dance?
(a) Stamping their feet in time with each other.
(b) Moving forward and backwards.
(c) Moving their trunks in sync with each other.
(d) Standing up and laying down.

3. Who chases Nag and Nagaina away from the birds?
(a) Bagheera.
(b) Rikki.
(c) Chuchundra.
(d) Teddy.

4. Who is charmed by Little Toomai?
(a) Keddah.
(b) Petersen.
(c) Kala Nag.
(d) Big Toomai.

5. Where does Nagaina hide her eggs?
(a) The flower garden.
(b) The melon patch.
(c) In the grass.
(d) In the tree.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the elephants dance, it is what?

2. What kind of elephants participate in the dance?

3. If the elephants do dance, what are they celebrating?

4. What or who is Keddah?

5. How old is Kala Nag?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how Kotick's white coat works to his advantage.

2. In what ways is Kotick more mature than the other seals his age?

3. Describe the relationship between Nag and Nagaina. Who is more practical and how?

4. How does the theme of the importance of animals show up when Rikki overhears Nag and his wife?

5. What does it mean that Rikki saves Teddy from the first snake before his father can?

6. How does Little Toomai prepare for the possibility of an elephant dance?

7. How do the other seals view Kotick in the beginning of Chapter Four and how does that change in the end of Chapter Four?

8. How is Kipling's theme of animals being more innocent than humans resurface in Chapter Four?

9. Why do you think the mother is at first alarmed when she sees Rikki snuggling up to Teddy?

10. Explain the purpose of the elephant dance.

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