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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Mowgli's knowledge of religion?
(a) He has none.
(b) The jungle creatures tell him about God.
(c) He thinks he is Catholic.
(d) The villagers tell him he is Lutheran.

2. In Chapter Two, who fights with the monkeys first in The Cold Lairs after Mowgli is taken?
(a) Kaa.
(b) Bagheera.
(c) Baloo.
(d) Chil.

3. Who tells Mowgli he is never forgotten?
(a) Mother and Father Wolf.
(b) Baloo.
(c) Bagheera.
(d) Shere Khan.

4. Who tries to claim Mowgli as his own at the pack meeting?
(a) Lone Wolf.
(b) Tabaqui.
(c) Akela.
(d) Shere Khan.

5. Why do the human villagers decide to send Mowgli to a specific place to work in Chapter Three?
(a) The jungle is his home.
(b) Because he is skilled at farming.
(c) So he doesn't antagonize the villagers anymore.
(d) He knows how to swim.

Short Answer Questions

1. Growing up, who is Mowgli taught not to trust?

2. Who also joins in the fight in The Cold Lairs in Chapter Two, after Mowgli is taken?

3. Why does a python go into hiding?

4. When Baloo punishes Mowgli, what do other characters do that is nice to Mowgli?

5. At the first meeting of the Pack Council, what does Baloo offer to do for Mowgli?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how Mowgli is appalled by the villagers.

2. How does the dare with the villagers in Chapter Three ultimately help Mowgli?

3. In what ways is Mowgli's behavior that of a young boy in Chapter Two?

4. When the cattle go crazy in Chapter Three, what is Mowgli trying to do and what happens as a result?

5. How does Mowgli stand up for himself when the pack turns against him?

6. Explain what Mowgli does not accomplish in Chapter Three if it isn't for his friends.

7. How does Mowgli's ignorance of religion hurt his chances with the villagers?

8. In what ways are Baloo and Bagheera good friends to Mowgli?

9. In what ways do the monkey people seem like a good time to Mowgli?

10. Describe the role of Chil the Kite and Mang the Bat in Chapter Two? What does this mean?

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